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Made Up Sign Language By Maya & Danielle

No description

Maya Carrothers

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Made Up Sign Language By Maya & Danielle

Hello/Good bye The Basics How Are you? Feelings Foods Apple Soccer Our Made up
Sign Language Greetings In Love\Love Angry Sad Happy Banana Watermelon Sandwich Sports NetBall Hockey Rugby Numbers 4 2 3 1 8 7 6 5 10 9 Vowels A E i o U Thank You
For watching :) By Maya Carrothers And Danielle Banks Use Right Hand and tuck in middle
finger. HOW: put your hands out like your saying dont know. ARE: Join your fingers together. YOU: Point to the other person. APPLE: Put your fist out and put your other hand over it. BANANA: Place both of your fists on top of each other. SANDWICH: Place your hands crossed over each other flat. WATERMELON: Stack
your hands on top of
them straight up. Happy: Fist with
thumb up. Sad: Fist above
flat hand Angry: Thumb pointing
down in a fist shape In Love/Love:
Heart with both hands Netball: Fingers bent
OK sign and middle finger
going into hoop (OK sign) Football: Flat hand
with 2 fingers on top Hockey: Hand in
fist shape 2nd finger
pointing straight with
middle finger curved on top Rugby:point L shape
and opposite L together 10: point 1 with second finger and OK sign with other hand Numbers: put number of fingers up A: Peace sign
up side down
with second finger
across the middle i: Flat hand pointing
Up with fist on top U: Peace sign
Backwards Panana Aporo Hanawiti Merengi Kei te pehea koe? Neti pa oro Hoki Poikiri Whutu paoro Kia ora Ka kite ano Our Awnser to the communication question: E: Flat hand with
three middle fingers flat
on palm of hand O: Cup hand harikoa pouri pukeuririr aroha tahi rua toru wha rima ono whitu waru iwa iwa tekau Our solution is making our own prezi. In order to solve the problem we started off with the basics like "Hello"
and "goodbye". Then Translated the keywords
into Maori. We made a before (Made up sign Language) and After (Nz sign language) Prezis.
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