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Micheal Jordan Biography

diz iz my biography about micheal jordan one of da greatest basketball players of all time

Malik Smith

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Micheal Jordan Biography

Micheal Jordan
Delon Sean
"You Can Accomplish Anything" he was born in brooklyn,new york , he went to high school in laney (wilmington, NC. He later wen t to college at the University of North Carolina, then was drafted to the NBA... mj's dad is James R. Jordan Sr. and his mom is Deloris Jordan they were very nice people but his dad was murdered.... problem micheal jordan was cut from his high school basketball team which only made him push himself harder..... climax he was dratfed to the NBA..... rising action
he went to college at North Carolina then... "You want accomplish nothin if u dont push yourself"... THEY HAVE NO PICTURE!!!
Resolution he went to the NBA and won 6 championships. ... WE ALL DA WAYY TURNT UP!
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