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VERSAstream from Datacom Systems

No description

sarah bond

on 24 June 2013

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Transcript of VERSAstream from Datacom Systems

Get Access and Visibility to Critical Data
The VERSAstream product line
Access Critical Data
VERSAstream provides a solution that ensures secure access and complete visibility to all data, anywhere on the network, 24x7, without the need for configuration management or change order approvals.
Cost Avoidance, Containment and Reduction
Aggregate hundreds
of network connections and provide only the information needed
to a reduced number
of tools
VERSAstream delivers an
immediate, Day 1 ROI!
Faster Deployment of Monitoring and Troubleshooting Solutions
With VERSAstream, connect any tool, any time to determine specific events taking place. Whether you are proactively monitoring network events or are involved in an emergency...
Overcome SPAN/Mirror Port issues and take the heat off your switches' processors
Simply connect the SPAN/Mirror port to VERSAstream, connect multiple tools to the tool ports and begin sending specified traffic from the SPAN/Mirror port to any or many tools!
Typical VERSAstream implementation
VERSAstream Highlights
Consolidate monitoring tools to reduce management expenses and lower tool costs
Easily share scarce SPAN ports and test access points without maintenance windows or approval
Deploy tools right away without impacting your production network, simplifies the change control process
VERSAstream easily aggregates and filters traffic to a variety of monitoring and recording solutions
ideal for any business, government agency, or university looking to get the most out of their tools.
The VERSAstream Product Range
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