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Dear Polyvore

A letter to my Polyvore Community By Clare http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/home?id=288968

Clare W

on 19 July 2010

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Transcript of Dear Polyvore

Dear Polyvore What's happened? By Clare I remember a time when Polyvore was
just about the coolest site I'd ever seen. I had admired sets by everyone.
I was immune to "Poly-larity". I didn't know who "Candace"
or "Dresdan" were... Perhaps they didn't even exist, then... and now all i see are rant sets... "Flag!", "Fake!", and "Hacked!" Once upon a time even I could get over 600 faves on 1 set! But now.... Sets that I work SO hard on... I don't mean to complain... I still love making sets... But Polyvore seems to have turned
into an All-Girls High School. What do I mean? I mean...
Popularity. I mean...
Hate. I remember when my first set
made the "Popular List" I was so excited, I told my mother! And my first homepage set... I haven't felt so rewarded for almost a year... I think others feel the same. Let's play a guessing game. Which set has 15 faves, and which has 119? A? or B? A has 119 faves, and B has 15. Wait...What?! How can A have so much more recognition
than B... Sets like this deserve more recognition! And I'm not saying faves are the only thing that matters. But sometimes I do find it a little crazy. It's a fashion website! It doesn't have to be this way. Comment, because we all
appreciate comments. And remember to keep the hate away. No one needs it. No one wants it. Remember, other people are more likely to see
your sets if you have them as a contact,
and if you show appreciation on their sets... Trust me! How do you get rid of haters? Be nice to them. Ignore them. Don't get others involved. Don't give them the recognition
or the attention they are looking for. We can come together... and make Polyvore the safe haven that we all loved it for. we can make it better. but it starts with you. nothing will change if you don't first. Polyvore is not about faves. but we all know it's nice to get them. if you want them, give them. what goes around comes around. make your sets for YOU dont make them for popularity. uniqueness will eventually prove to be the key and Polyvore will be the BEST Let's Fix it. get less and less recognition... and it's not about the faves, really it's not which is clear in effort, and looks AMAZING? why don't we recognize these sets equally? Sure, this may not apply to you.
If not, then keep it up :) *Please note: BOTH sets are completely fine.
I am not saying either is better. Fave a set because you like it, not because of who made it* *Dear Emina, You have beautiful sets and I am in no way trying to insult your set. Also a side note, I am not trying to say the other is better, because you can hardly compare two completely different sets. :) *note: check out my new prezi, my points are proven a little clearer.
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