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Four Patriarchs

Abraham and Isaac

Rhys Brockman

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Four Patriarchs

Abraham and Isaac Four Patriarchs Son of Abraham Isaac After Abraham died, his son, Isaac inherited his father's wealth and position. Isaac married a woman Rebekah. They had two kids: Esau the older one and Jacob the younger one. They were twins which caused a problem sometimes. Problems include which one of them will inherit all of the land and it seemed that Esau would inherit the land because he was the older one. When they were older with his mother's help Jacob tricked his elderly and blind father to give him Esau claim to his land. Esau vowed to get revenge; he wanted to kill his brother so Jacob and Rebekah fled. In a dream God told Jacob that he will always protect him. As he grew older Jacob grew rich. He also changed is name to Israel. God's people were now called the Israelites. The End Abraham and Sarah
Isaac and Rebekah
Jacob and Rachel
Joseph and Leah Family Tree
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