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Staying Healthy Project

No description

Juan Perez

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Staying Healthy Project

Diego Cerrillo Vacas Dual Diploma Program Physical Health Staying Healthy Project Physical health is very important for everyone. Your body needs to be fit and healthy. If you don't try to stay physically healthy, it will be impossible for you to feel good MENTAL HEALTH In my opinion, mental health is just as important as physical health. If we are mentally healthy, we feel optimistic, and we have more self-esteem. If you aren't mentally healthy, you can have serious problems (stress, hallucinations...) and it can even kill you! SPIRITUAL HEALTH I also find another kind of illnesses in my life. I am a christian, so I believe in God. However, I can also be sick in an spiritual way.
As far as I am concerned, I think it is easy to stay healthy, by just following some easy steps EMOTIONAL HEALTH From my point of view, emotional health is encompassed in Mental Health. We need to feel Emotional Healthy in order to be Mentally Healthy, and the other way round.
If you are an emotionally healthy person, it means that you can control yourself HOW DO I PLAN TO STAY HEALTHY AS I GROW OLDER I will try to practice any sports I can, and I will probably go to a gym.
I will try to go to a medical check-up as often as possible.
I will try to avoid any stressful situation
I will try to hava a healthy and balanced nutrition.
I will keep in touch with my friends, and I will make new ones.
I won't forget my beliefs, and I will assist to mass every Sunday AGE: 14 years old INTRODUCTION In my opinion, the key for staying healthy is balance. It is important to have healthy habits in order to feel good.
Health is important for happiness. Everyone wants to be wholesome. We are going to see some ways to stay healthy HOW TO STAY PHYSICALLY HEALTHY Daily Hygiene: We need to take daily showers clean our hands before eating and brushing our teeth after having lunch. This will prevent many illnesses that can make us feel sick
Practicing sports: I play football at my school, I sometimes go running or biking. This way, I try to keep fit, which can prevent, for example, heart diseases.
Balanced eating: I normally eat fruits and vegetables every day, and I don't eat many sweets. For me, it is also important having check-ups at least twice a year. I also think it is very important to listen to your doctor. He can help you to follow a healthy routine HOW TO STAY MENTALLY HEALTHY I do not worry so much about problems. I always try to find the positive things.
Human beings need to be social. In my opinion, having friends and having fun with them is also very important in order to feel good.
I often take breaks when doing my homework if I have been working a lot. I think this is a way of relaxing which helps us to avoid stress.
I always organize myself when doing a lot of work From my point of view, it is also important to help other people to stay mentally healthy.
Bullying is an example about how we can ruin each other's lives. Bullied teenagers can even commit suicide. HOW TO STAY EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY In my opinion, staying emotionally healthy is easy. I try not to feel constantly blue, and I try to be optimistic. Everything will be solved, so there is mo point in worrying for things that have already happened. The important thing is to try and improve for the next time.
I also think that when you don't feel good, it is important not to hesitate and visit an expert, which won't have any problem in helping you HOW TO STAY SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY I think it is important to share your beliefs with other people your age.
I also go to mass every Sunday, which helps me to improve as a Christian.
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