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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Chapters 12 & 13

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Peyton Hayes

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Chapters 12 & 13

At this point in the book, Henrietta had died, and her body was being stored in the "colored" freezer of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Gey wants to do an autopsy of her body to collect more tissues from different organs. In order to do so, he needed permission from her husband, David. Due to his grief, he opposed the idea.
After coming to the hospital to identify Henrietta's body, the doctors asked David once more if they could perform an autopsy. Henrietta's cousin said that it wouldn't hurt anything and persuaded Day to agree.
Red Polish
As Henrietta laid on the stainless steel table lifeless and cold, Mary and the doctors came in. After the doctors cut Henrietta open to collect tissue, Mary came to a realization. "
Oh jeez, she's a real person.
" She'd noticed that her toenails were painted a bright red polish. After months of growing and distributing these cells she finally realized that they came from a human being.
The Funeral
Henrietta's body was sent on a train back to Clover from Baltimore. Her body was transported to the house where she'd grown up. "
For several days Henrietta's corpse lay in the hallway of the home-house, doors propped open at each end to let in the cool wet breeze that would keep her body fresh.
" There weren't many details of the funeral but it was what happened after that made an impact. The sky turned dark and rain started to fall thick and fast and children cried. A great wind caused immaculate damage throughout the town. Years later a cousin of Henrietta's named Peter said,"
We shoulda knew she was tryin to tell us somethin with that storm
The End of the Polio Epidemic
The Autopsy
By: Peyton Hayes, Ginji Ozawa, and Skylar Mitchell
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks: Chapters 12 & 13
The Final Decision
Scientists experimented on shipping HeLa cells by plane, train, and truck. A HeLa factory was built at the Tuskegee Institute where research was held to try to prevent the poliovirus. The doctors had to perform neutralization tests on children. If it worked, the serum would protect the cells. HeLa cells had the ability to multiply quickly for a low cost, so this was the most useful way of trying to end the epidemic.
Contribution to Science
Scientists created thousands of clones of HeLa cells. This lead to cloning whole animals. Prior to the Cold War, scientists exposed HeLa cells to radiation to study the effect of nuclear bombs on cells. They were placed in centrifuges with pressure that was more than 100,000 times of gravity to experiment conditions of space exploration and deep-sea diving.
"The Woman Behind the Cells"
Gey's associates pressured him to present research papers to gain credit. His excuse was that he was always too busy, but truthfully he wasn't. He said, "
I wish for the most part, however, that things would settle down a bit
." Gey attempted to restrict the way the world use HeLa cells, but it was now out of his control. The cells were now scientific property. People were curious as to who was "
the woman behind the cells
Quiz: Chapter 12, 13
Answer the following questions.
1) After Henrietta’s death, what does the doctor has to do to be able to get samples from her body? Explain.
2) What was the response of David to the autopsy? (First time and second time asked.)
3) What happened after the funeral?
4) Henrietta’s body traveled from ________ to ________ for the funeral. Fill in the blanks.
5) What 3 transportation system did scientists use to distribute HeLa cells?

Select the answer for the following multiple choice questions.
6) What was the epidemic that demanded supply of HeLa cells for research?
A. Polio
B. Ebola
C. Leukemia
D. Chicken
7) What institute provided a unit (factory) for HeLa cells?
A. Georgia Tech Institute
B. Tuskegee Institute
C. New York Institute
D. Miami Institute
8) Who used HeLa cells to launch the first industrial scale, for profit cell distribution center?
A. Martin Luther King Jr.
B. Dr.Gey
C. Deborah
D. Samuel reader and Monroe Vincent
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