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Global Warming

No description

Thomas C

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming
By GC., AB., TC., AD., and VK.

Global Warming Affects the Equatorial Zone

- Toxins like co2 (carbon
dioxide) and methane
released into air
-Can hurt human lungs
and heart
- Chemicals like metal can
pollute drinking water and
become poisonous
- This can kill some animal habitats
Polar Zones
Transportation's Effect On Global Warming
Global warming impacts the equatorial zone environmentally and economically

Transportation is having many dangerous effects on the planet and its environment.
Fuel Emissions
CO2 pollutes the air
Cars and planes produce 30% of fuel emissions
Animals that depend on soil are dying off because of drier soil
Warmer temperatures increase the probability of a drought.
Animals And Wildlife
Research Questions
1. How can global
warming be stopped?
2. How do the products of human activities affect the Earth?
Table Of Contents
Minimizing Fuel Emissions
Electric Cars
Gas Free Solutions
Exhaust Free Solutions
As Oil Becomes Harder To Extract Burning Gas Will Only Become Dirtier
Ozone Layer
Some greenhouse gases can destroy the Ozone Layer
The Ozone Layer protects us from dangerous ultraviolet rays
Polar Zones
Feeding and migration patterns being changed
Global warming also affects the Ozone Layer
Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse Gases trap heat in the atmosphere
The atmosphere gets hotter
Too much heat buildup can cause different types of natural disasters
Polar Zones
Arctic shrunk over 20% in the last 50 years
Emissions can be any evaporation-able liquid and some solids from space
Emissions can be very dangerous to many atmospheric factors
Fluids have the chance of evaporating into the atmosphere
Polar Zones
Green = Polar Zones
Grey = Everything else
Sea is eroding the US coast
Polar Zones
Scientists predict a 3-foot sea level rise by 2100
Yellow = The equatorial zones
Grey = Everything else
Equatorial Zone
Poorly supported countries will be hit the worst by climate change
Climate change exposes humans to diseases like Malaria
Plants are migrating upward to avoid climate change
If the planet continues to heat up we could lose up to 90% of tropical plants
What causes Industrial Pollution?
-Disposal of waste gives off lots of pollution
-Factories extract minerals and they can create oil spills
- Some of the oil can get into the water and be very harmful for the marine life.

How can it affect animals?
- Animals all over the world
are being affected by
pollution because it is killing vegetation
- Wildlife extinction is being
caused by manufacturing

Soil Pollution
Killer whales are coming closer to the shore
Termites multiplying at an alarming rate
Effects on the future
Permafrost melting, destabilizing buildings
Ice shelves melting
Global Warming has been in effect for hundreds of years
The rising saltwater is pouring into lakes and rivers, contaminating freshwater
Damage marine equipment
The sea will flood over 22,400 sq feet of land near the Gulf of Mexico
Polar animals will die out
Rising temperatures will destroy crops and shipments of food
Equatorial Zone
Equatorial Zone
Climate change negatively affects vegetation, crops, and resources
Polar Zones
Equatorial Zones

Shows the emission use
1. Yes

3. Yes
4. Electric cars
5. Malaria
About two months ago, we were informed that we need to make a research project. One thing that brought our group together was that we were all interested in the topic of global warming. Our topic was approved, and here we are. Over the past few weeks we have taken notes, written reports and contacted professionals. We have worked hard over these past few weeks and hope you appreciate the following presentation.

Coral Reefs At Risk
Severe Floods And Fires Becoming More Common
Habitats Being Destroyed
Global Warming will get worse if we keep emitting greenhouse gases
Temperatures will change drastically if we do not slow Global Warming down
1. Can animals die from manufacturing?
2. Where are the polar zones?

3. Is the Ozone layer being destroyed?
4. What is the main solution to fuel emissions?
5. What disease does climate change cause?
Quiz Questions
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