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Utilites & Logistics Activites

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deprea crane

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Utilites & Logistics Activites

Filling and shipping customer orders
Directly impacts the time from costumer places order and costumer receiving order

Order transmit, processing, preparations,and delivery
Order Fulfillment

Form utility
Place Utility
Time utility-

product when customers need them (seasonal/ being on time)
possession utility
To: Mrs. Thornton's 8B class

From: Deprea

Quantity utility
The value added to goods though a manufacturing or assembly process
moving goods from product points to market points where demand exists

moving goods from product points to market points where demand exists
3rd interest to logistics (exterior) packaging.
cardboard boxes
stretch wrap
The type of transportation mode selected affects packaging requirements.
a major focus in logistics is on the physical movement or flow of goods on the network
logistics organizations are in charge of selecting modes and carriers used to move the raw materials, components, and finished goods.
is directly related to transportation two thing that are closely related activities that are involved in this are inventory management and warehousing.
The primary environment created though basic marketing activities that's related to promotion and the sale of products and services

Customer Service
The process of interacting directly with the customer to influence them or take the order
Utilities & Logistics Activities
*packaging glass in bubble wrap and foam peanuts
*car assembly line
*Using a boat to ship item from japan to the US
*to many summer shoes in stock during the fall
*when workers in stores ask you about your selections and if you need any help.
*if a product you ordered didn't come in when it was suppose to so you contact the company and they fix the issue
logistical managers are concerned with the movement of goods into a warehouse from a transportation vehicle, the placement of goods in a warehouse, and the movement of goods from storage to order-pick up are4as and eventually to dock area to transport

Fork lifts trucks
over head cranes
automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS)
Materials Handling
this is logistics is that transportation and inventory cost are related to the geographic location or raw materials and component parts purchased to meet manufacturers needs.
*if a car dealership may order cars from japan and the lead time is several weeks. so the need to find out how much the need to keep in the warehouse the plant doesn't shut down
where the plant or warehouse is located
depending on where the area is located is can alter the time and place relationships with other facilities, markets or supply chain points.
cane effect transportation cost and service, customer service, and inventory requirements
*have a manufacturing company is in china but the facility/market is in Ohio. so you have to pay for plan/boat shipping and the shipping required for the truck
Facility Location
Product planning
the current inventory on hand and the usage rate are determined by forecasting
production managers can calculate the number of units to manufacture to ensure the right market coverage
*making sure coke send enough beverages to wal-mart s int the north east to make sure the have the right amount for the market there
Coyle, John J.; Langley, C. John; Gibson, Brian J.; Novack, Robert A.; Bardi, Edward J. "Chapter 2 Role of logistics in supplychain." Supply Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective. South-Western.: n.p., n.d. 39+. Print.
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- google
this is essential for inventory control and manufacturing efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
this process is used to make sure they the proper inventory for the amount the is demanded
* knowing there is a high demand for hybrid cars in the western region of the US more than in the South east. so the company changes their inventory based on that
Inventory Control
Inventory control has 2 levels
1. Assuring adequate inventory levels
2. certifying inventory accuracy
*pocky ships by boat so they have a better control over the temperature so the cream doesn't melt and to have the right packing material so the thin cookie biscuits don't break
The levels of service an organization offers to it's customers (order -fill rates, on-time delivery)
are important
(coordination for inventory control, manufacturing, warehousing, and transportation)
an effort, though direct and indirect contact with the costumer, to increase the desire to possess good or
benefit from service.
*An example of how transportation and storage are directly related is if you have a fast yet small transportation like truck the warehouse doesn't need to be that big and you since trucks a for short distance so you wouldn't need many warehouses
lead time- making you aware of your product location and or telling you when it will arrive
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