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Unit 1 Week 1 David's New Friends


Laura Manning

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of Unit 1 Week 1 David's New Friends

David's New Friends
Can you find what is different in this picture?
Cooper goans when I tell him to eat all his vegetables.
What is something that would make you groan?
Tomorrow is the day after today
I am going to Water World tomorrow!
What are you going to do tomorrow?
To be excited is to be thrilled and happy about something.
What have you been excited about?
I was excited to go to Florida.
What is the opposite (antonym) of whisper?
A dog is different from a robin because a dog has fur and a bird has feathers.
What word is the same (synonym) of careful?
When I am at the library I have to whisper.
Two things are different from eachother if they are not the same.
When you groan you make a deep, unhappy sound.
To whisper means to talk softly.
What do you think he is whispering to his mommy?
The cat was not careful near the pool and fell in!
To be careful means to take your time and think about what you are doing.
Use several vocabulary words to describe Cookie Monsters first day of school.
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