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Changing the Rules of the Game of School

Impact Retreat - Ryan McCallum

Ryan McCallum

on 25 May 2012

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Transcript of Changing the Rules of the Game of School

Impact Mr. Ryan McCallum English Teacher * Yearbook Adviser
Newspaper Adviser * Technology MAKE AN Work hard from the start, it’s a lot easier to do it right from the beginning than trying to make it up in the end. Gamer Failure Cheat codes Have good student/teacher connections, as ‘uncool’ as it may seem, teachers care about you and want you to succeed, and if you put effort into your high school career they will be there to help you 100 Challenge authority Get involved. now! CHANGING THE RULES OF THE GAME OF SCHOOL Be open to learning and WANT to learn Share what you’re passionate about with everyone. Try your hardest to succeed Completely be yourself, make choices that you feel are right for YOU, even if your friends go through ‘bad phases’ it doesn’t mean you need to make the same decisions Have a positive attitude, get involved, and don’t procrastinate because it WILL bite you in the butt! THINK FOR YOURSELF
Don'T LET YOUR PARENTS OR FRIENDS MAKE all your decIsions Never be afraid to try new things, EVER. Girls dominate the game of school. We all work in a system that often rewards fitting in. ...and it works for some of us. Don't be afraid to stand out. How is school like a video game? What will you choose?
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