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Heirloom Seeds and Seed Banks

No description

Rebecca Kim

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Heirloom Seeds and Seed Banks

Advantages of Seed Banks
Advantages of Using Heirloom Seeds
What are Seed Banks?
What are Heirloom Seeds?
- one of the most valuable off-site conservation techniques
Cropland Issues:
- open pollination provides reassurance and stability for the farmer
- store different varieties of seeds as a source for planting
Heirloom Seeds and
Seed Banks

Disadvantages of Seed Banks
- possible mechanical damage to the seeds
- the seeds of heirloom plants, also known as heritage fruits
- carefully grown and preserved over many generations
- value lies in flavor, productivity, hardiness, and/or adaptability
- millions of heirloom seeds and plants exist today
- heirloom tomatoes
- Bhutanese red rice
- heirloom apples
- offers a safe alternative to hybrid/GMO products
- preserving the millions of heirloom seeds ensures agricultural biodiversity
Disadvantages of Using Heirloom Seeds
- produce smaller harvests than hybrid seeds
- not as pest/disease resistant as hybrid seeds
- do not have uniform harvest times
- distribute seeds to anyone who will use them appropriately
- Seed Savers Exchange
- ease of storage
- relatively low labor demands
- relatively high cost of equipment
- Millennium Seed Bank
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