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Josh Block

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Bolivia

1985 Bolivia Demographics Economy History Bolivian-American relations strained over coca
Gas wars and inclusion of indigenous in politics
Law of the Rights of Mother Earth 1825 1964 1935 44% employed in agriculture/forestry
Most lucrative crop: coca
51% live on < 2$ per day
8th highest inequality 10 million people
Almost 40 official languages
Spanish is first language of ~1/2
51% are Roman Catholic Bolivia becomes
independent with
Simón Bolívar as
President 1904 Treaty of Peace
and Friendship
signed with
Chile Defeated by Paraguay
in Chaco War -
100,000 Bolivians
killed 1952 Bolivian National Revolution Universal Suffrage
Land/Education Reform
Tin mines nationalized Pres. Estenssoro overthrown
in coup
20 yrs. military rule 1985 Return to democracy , followed by years of economic collapse and narcotics problems 2005 Evo Morales elected,
first Native Bolivian President Culture Clothing Music Sports Breakfast Mid-Morning
Snack Lunch Tea Dinner Food Marraqueta Api Morada Salteña (Most important meal of the day) Charque de llama Sopa de quinua Tawa-Tawas Coca Tea Yerba Mate Pique Macho Papas a la Huancaina Football La Verde Bowler hat Siku (panpipe) Tarka (flute)
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