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Helicopters Aeroplanes

info on Helicopters and Areoplanes

Joel year 5

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Helicopters Aeroplanes

by Joel
year 5
Helicopters and Aeroplanes
24 people invented different
airplanes. based on different animals so like birds and bats.
This is what they used in the world war 2
because these are fast and they can shoot
rockets .
This is a chunnuck they use it in the army
because they can carry loads of men so
they can hunt down more people[kill pe-
This is the



This is a plane
In 1487 an italian
inventor named
Leonardo Da vinci
drew a plane for a flying machine.
Wilbur and Orville
Wright were board of making bike s and they want ted to invent airplanes.
20 years later John decided to copy the birds "i shall fly from Scotland to France"John said.
They attached wings to there bike s to see if they could go in the air but they never got in air.
Thank you for watching.
People invented Aero- planes because they wanted to explore the world .
People invented helicopters because they needed them in world war 1.
They invented them because they needed to more people in them and for injured
people to get to the hospital
This is 787 this is one of the safest plane in the world.
This a chopper.
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