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supernatural in the 1600's

No description

madison moye

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of supernatural in the 1600's

supernatural in the 1600's
Belief in ghosts, spirits, witches and other elements of the supernatural was typical in Elizabethan times (the late 16th century). This was the era of witch hunts and witch trials, a period that lasted from 1400 to 1700, which makes up the famous Salem witch trials of the late 1600s. Under the rain of Queen Elizabeth I, England passed the 1562 Elizabethan Witchcraft Act forbidding "conjurations, enchantments and witchcraft's".
Supernatural had a large impact on religion in the 1600's. If you were using any which craft or "dark magic" you were supposedly worshiping the devil and when killed would be dammed to hell. It also scared many people even if the weren't practicing witch craft due to the fact that they could be cursed or killed by people that were. People often questioned God in theses times due to what the people practicing these arts where able to do.
Church was the cornerstone of the 17th centery
witch craft and the supernatural were a big theme in shakespeares time and are frequently seen in his plays. This is because when shakespeare was alive and writing his plays people strongly believed in supernatural elements and people. So like any good writer shakespeare used his surroundings as his muse
People thought witches were horrible deadly people! People were hung,drowned and even burned at the stake if they were classified as a witch or practicing the witch crafts.
witches were considered evil and devil worshipers. if you were accused of practicing witch craft you were to be killed publicly with no chance to prove you were not practicing witchcraft.
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