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MKT 301

Attitude toward McDonalds

Abdulla Rashdan

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of MKT 301

Attitudes towardMcDonalds in AUS
The aim of our research is to measure the level of attitude among AUS students towards McDonalds brand.

Different evaluation methods will be used in order determine the level of acceptance of McDonalds in AUS.
Conceptual Definitions
Attitude is a key term and concept that is becoming more and more common and focused on these days in the marketing industries.
A common definition is shared today among all marketers regarding customers attitude which states that it is a learned tendency to perceive and act in a consistently favorable or unfavorable manner with regard to a given object or idea.
Understanding the customer’s attitude provides manager with right and useful information that helps them make better decisions for the firm and will significantly benefits the firm.
Background Information
The dining facilities that AUS has are all the restaurants that are located in the student center such as Deli Marche, Burger King, and Subway including cafes such as Starbucks, Attazo, and Blends and Beans. All of them are attracting a lot of customers and are providing services to meet their needs.
Furthermore, there are two restaurants that were closed in the student center (KFC and Pizza Hut).
We will measure the attitude of students towards a restaurant that will open instead of these 2 restaurants that were closed. In the light of this measurement, we may decide if it is acceptable to open McDonalds in AUS.
Research Objectives
To explore the current level of customer attitude among undergraduates students in dining facilities at AUS.
Explore the level of acceptance of undergraduate students among other competitors in the market (i.e. Burger king,).
To measure the undergraduate students attitude toward McDonald brands.
To see the degree of effect that service quality on the level of attitude.
Sampling Characteristics
The characteristics of our sample respondents are made up of male and female who are undergraduates in AUS.
The majority of the sample will feature freshman students in AUS since they are the ones that will stay in the upcoming years to experience the service and the food.
Half of the freshman students that are in the sample will be aimed for on-campus students and the other half to off-campus students.
Sample Size
Our sample choice population of AUS during Fall 2009 is a total of 240 undergraduate students.
From this 120 are male, and 120 are female.
Sample Questions
Q1: How often do you visit McDonalds?
Q2: Do you think McDonalds should open in AUS?
Self Administered Questionnaires
The total numbered self-administered questions that will be distributed will be 240.
The type of questions that would be asked in our self-administered survey will be closed-ended questions.
As for the suggested answers, we used 2 types of scales, the Nominal scale and Likert scale.
Under the light of the results, we recommend to open a McDonald branch in AUS since most of the respondents’ attitudes were with the opening of McDonald branch in AUS.
Moreover, we recommend to the McDonalds management to consider opening a McDonald’s branch in AUS because the results show that the students are willing to accept McDonalds as a new fast food branch in AUS.

We recommend that the branch that will be opened should be massive in order to handle the demand, not only of the AUS students but for the whole University City and nearby residents.
Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Any Questions?
In our research, we used a stratified random sampling to segment our respondents.
We segmented AUS students according to their academic standing were we placed the different standings into strata.
Results & Analysis
As we can see from the results, the majority of students visit McDonalds a lot as predicted. Around 60% of the students visit McDonalds constantly
These results shows us that the respondents are customers who are considered loyal to McDonald brand.
Under the light of this shocking result, we can conclude that McDonalds will be the dominant fast-food restaurant in AUS.
With 43% of the respondents choosing McDonalds as their favorite brand to choose, the McDonald’s management should and must consider opening a band in this university.
. In addition, we can also see and observe that McDonalds not only has proven to be the best brand on the respondents perception, but also the best brand among other competitors, where the closest competitors to McDonalds got a 23.4% ! This shows us the huge gap between McDonalds and the other competitors in the market.
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