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Endothermic reaction

No description

Miss Tanis

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Endothermic reaction

Endothermic reaction

Darren My investigation question is what will happen
if we add 2 more teaspoons of vinegar
to the baking soda to see if it makes more of a reaction My hypothesis is that it will create more heat every time I add more ingredients. My hypothesis My investigation question steps first get two graduated cylinders then put in 5 ml of vinegar into 1 graduated cylinder and in a seperate graduated cylinder then mix the 2 to see the tempature then do it again but this time add 10 ml off vinegar and 10 ml of baking soda then mix it, then record your results. recording data by tempature test a and test b record what
tempature we have in both tests the temp of a is 64 degrees
for b is 66 degrees. colecting data relating to real life could be a bad asid to drink.
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