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SARC Mentor Unit Rotational Opportunity

No description

Lou Navarro

on 17 April 2017

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Transcript of SARC Mentor Unit Rotational Opportunity

Mentor will encompass:
Mentor CMET Role
Mentor Qualities
• Willingness to share skills, program knowledge, and expertise in an enthusiastic
and interactive manner
Sunday, March 5, 2017
Vol XCVIII, No. 23
Sam wants YOU!
Do You Have What it Takes?
• Tired of the same CMET
• Back on TMS rotation
• Provides trainees with guidance and direction while reviewing and
approving all case actions
• Interested in networking?
• Are you eager to expand
your leadership skills?
• Ready for a challenging
• Absorb any unfinished tasks from your assigned trainees
• Resume all regular Dual CMET duties
• May be assigned to assist on special projects for the region
• Approachability, availability, accountability, and the ability to engage in active
• Great critical thinking skills, preparedness, resourcefulness, and readiness to
actively participate and contribute to group meetings and projects
• Professionalism, patience, and collaborative effort with others while working in a
fast paced environment
• Strong observational skills and the desire to develop and enhance personal growth
• Conducts daily debrief meetings with assigned trainees
• Monitors and adjusts trainees' TMS assignments
• Provides coaching assistance to Training, Career, and Development (TCD)
• Carries out classroom demonstrations and presentations
• Attends meetings with Admin and TCD
• Completes assessments of trainees' performance and progress
Mentor CMET Role
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