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Sunday Shopping

No description

Deanne Thomson

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Sunday Shopping

Sunday Shopping
Sunday Shopping in the 1990's
To Have the business open on Sunday or not
For may years there were huge debates whether or not to have shopping on Sundays. Business owners were unsure if it would be worth having their business open seven days a week. They often wondered if enough money would be coming into the business to keep it going.
The Pressure
Business owners felt more competition with being open seven a week. Smaller businesses were worried if they would be able to afford it.
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The Ban On Sales Activity
From 1907-1992 there was a ban on sales activity. Stores/businesses were not open on Sundays due to religious beliefs. Many Christians believed Sunday was a day of rest.
Choosing The Hours
Larger businesses were open for at least six hours whereas smaller businesses were open for however long they wanted. They had to keep in mind as to when they would get most of their business.
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