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on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Nucor

Nucor Corporation in 2012
Using Economic Downturn as an Opportunity to Grow Stronger
Decision Criteria
Cost, Strategic Fit, Return on Equity and Investment
Low cost manufacturer of Steel
Org Chart
Competitive Matrix
Overview, Issues, Recommendation, Strategy
Analysis, Decision Criteria, Options,
Risk & Contingency Plan
Trade Action Option
Energy Independence
Porters 5 Forces
Susan, Kim, Peter, Amro, & Adah
Main Issues:
Illegal Dumping
Industry Volatility
Illegal Dumping
Industry Volatility
Risk and Contingency Plan
Available production space is not demanded by customers as the
foreign competition offers a cheaper price
Dumping is legal
under World Trade Organization rules
unless the foreign

can reliably
show the negative effects
of the exporting firm on the domestic producers.
The steel industry is
highly volatile
, depending greatly on global supply and demand trends.
Price swings
are dramatic and frequent.
Create new avenues of trade
action to decrease the amount of foreign product entering the US market.
Option 3: Status Quo
Creating Avenues for Trade Action
Status Quo
Expand the energy infrastructure to deliver energy where it is needed.
Continue to develop energy resources including oil, natural gas, nuclear, wind, solar, biomass
and other renewables.
strong strategic acquisitions, pursuing the latest technology, quality assurance,
competitive cost-structure,
high labor productivity
Status Quo
Risk and Contingency Plan
Cost of the report will outweigh the ROI.
The report would cost less than $500,000 and with the projected income from a governmental action from the report the increase in revenue could be in excess of $2,000,000,000.
Even though the strategy to increase its market share has been successful, Nucor will still have to come up with new solutions in order to stop the foreign imports before these over-saturate the market
Trade Action
Status Quo
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