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No description

RoRo Aco

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of veterinarians

Statement I think it would be good for my future, because I love animals. The more vets out there the more chances you can save the animals' lives. I want to make a difference in the world. By: RoChel Acosta Job
Description & Pay Treat and dress wounds 8 ,0 0 veterinarians Per YEAR Hour 9. 4 preform surgery examine animals to diagnose their health euthanize animals prescribe medication Work Environment
Schedules When working with animals that are frighted or in pain veterinarians risk being bitten, kicked or scratched. Veterinarians who conduct research work primarily in offices & laboratories and spend much time dealing with people rather than animals. The work place can be noisy as the animals make noise when sick or being handled. Although most veterinarians work in private clinics, others travel to farms, work outdoors or work in laboratories. Professional
Organizations www.avma.org American & www.asas.org American Society of
Animal Science How Do Vets Get A Raise? Education
Needed Sources: 4th period Career Portals 1 January 11,2013 Similar Occupations Medical scientists Veterinary assistants and laboratory animal caretakers Physicians and surgeons zoologists and wildlife biologists Animal care and service workers With set may they expe rience practice own their up Education
Training Get an internship, get a job as a veterinarian's assistant Nearly all States have continuing education requirements for licensed veterinarians. Requirements differ by State and may involve attending a class or otherwise demonstrating knowledge of recent medical and veterinary advances. Ongoing Training: Beginning Training: State license Special Licenses: List of Education Needed: Bachelor's Degree, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree, and a state license A Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, Veterinary Science or Sciences, & a Graduate degree Education Needed To Begin: Specialize in a specific group of animals or in a narrow medical discipline, such as surgery, dermatology, internal medicine Education Needed To Advance: Texas A&M University Educational Institution: Education
Qualities/Skills management Important and Association Medical Veterinary Qualities: Skills: Compassion decision-making interpersonal problem solving-skills manual dexterity The Veterinary Profession. January 4, 1996.NetVet.December 21, 2012.<http://netvet.wustl.edu/vetjob.htm> Eric Berger."The Rise of the Female Veterinarian''.The Chron.November 3rd, 2010.Houston Chronicles.January 1,2013.<http://blog.chron.com/sciguy/2010/11/the-rise-of-the-female-veterinarian/> What education or training do you need to become a veterinarian.Wiki Answers.December 29,2012. <http//wiki.answers.com/Q/What_education_or_training_do_you_need_to_become_a_veterinarian>
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