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environmental auditing

No description

Heloise Swanepoel

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of environmental auditing

ENVIRONMENTAL AUDITING Why do we do environmental auditing? Essentially, when strategically looking at our resources, we should apply measures and stewardship to preserve the availability of our resources.

We care Types of audits: Environmental compliance audits
Internal environmental audits
Due diligence/site assessments Phase 1
Listing of an entity
Environmental (fraud) investigations 1. Environmental compliance audits Environmental Control Officer (ECO)
Penalties and fines are reached out when contractors are not conforming to the Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
e.g Freedom Park Phase 2B 2. Internal environmental audits
e.g Transnet, Anglo-Gold Ashanti 4. Listing of an entity Corporate EDD Assessment of the Southnet Operations (Pty) Ltd, or the purposes of listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) and United Stock Exchange Market(AIM) You know you are a real auditor when:
You issue non-conformances to everyone including hotels, airlines, restaurants, rental car agencies, your paperboy, etc. whether you are auditing them or not.
you say, "How do you know that?", "Do you have any objective evidence to support that?" when all they say was, "Gee, isn't it a nice day?" 3. Environmental Due diligence (EDD) Environmental Risk Assessment
Acquisition transaction audit
e.g Leader Tread Photographs Photographs Photographs Photographs 5. Environmental (fraud)
investigations Environmental Fraud Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 Photographs ASSURANCE STANDARDS AA 1000 ISAE 3000 ICMM Why environment should feature on the audit plan
SA case study – Pan-African Parliament building, Midrand
Testing the Environmental Control environment
Conclusion Environmental risk features on company risk register
Environmental legal compliance and liability
Environmental occurrences
Stakeholder activism and reputation risk Testing the Environmental Control Environment Conclusion Why environment should
feature on the audit plan
Stefan Frylinck from Mpofu Consulting was sentenced a 2-year imprisonment or R80 000 fine, a cumulative fine of R160 00 for Peter and Mpofu Consulting Deliberately distorting or hiding facts which are contrary to environmental legislative requirements INCORRECT AND MISLEADING INFO FOR THE DEVELOPMENT OF PAP BUILDING ON A WETLAND IN MIDRAND SA Case Study CHECKS AND BALANCES IGNORED DURING PROCESS Deliberate/unintentional
No site inspections
Inspection after non-compliances occurred Applicable to Leader Tread Other Due Diligence Areas (KPA's) Legal compliance
Hazardous substances
Management & organisation
Soil/groundwater pollution
Waste management
Air emissions
Product safety
Health and safety
Risk management (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr Site sensitivity
Water supply
Sewage disposal
Ozone depleting substances
Radio-active substances
Fire protection
Emissions trading
Endangered species
Cultural and heritage features Identify areas of potential risk/liability for the client arising from Environmental. health and safety aspects of the company's operators.
(Cliffe Dekker Env DD Report) An overview, not based upon detailed site sampling and evaluation, but on a visual overview assessment The stage of the appraisal is the core of the entire process. It comprises three main evaluation steps:
1. Assessing the environmental risk and evaluation of each SPV standing
2. Determining mitigation measures
3. Reporting the results The areas/aspects are addressed by rating the potential significance and proposed mitigation 1. Experience and suitability of the lead auditor and audit team
2. Construction and development
3. Operational controls Environmental legislation and regulation are strict and growing
If regulatory risk is not driving environmental management, reputational risk should
Environmental risk of physical processes and activities needs to be understood and adequately managed
Sound environmental reporting and governance is critical to manage company's environmental risk EDD in the real estate arena is the exercise conducted for a purchaser, seller, underwriter or lender in a whole range of commercial transactions, including a public offering of shares, re-financing, asset purchase, share purchase, divestment or merger and acquisitions
The objective is
1. To ascertain what environmental liabilities and risks these parties might be transferring in the transaction
2. To quantify any liabilities AN EXTERNAL EXAMINATION OF THE ENVIRONMENTAL OPERATIONS OF A COMPANY Environmental and Risk Assessment Procedure according to ISO 14001 standards:
Opening meeting
Collection of documents such as SOP's, Guidelines, legal documentation etc.
Site visit
Close-out meeting Audit team Communicate with site to resolve any queries (confirm date / time for close-out meeting?)

Prepare brief, tabular report of site visit findings (in draft). This will be provided to your site for review & comment, including providing management actions to address findings for the 2011 data.

Site to provide head office with agreed management actions in the Report to address findings from site visits

Feedback for site visit team and AngloGold Ashanti
How could we improve our assurance process? Process after site visit Understand physical processes at Sadiola

Understand key sustainable development risks faced by AGA in relation to the Sadiola operations, & the processes for managing these risks

Understand management systems, processes & controls related to the collection, aggregation & reporting of sustainability information

Validate sustainable development performance data for the 2011 reporting year for Sadiola Site visits: Key objectives check and validate selected data and other information related to the following key performance indicators: Site visit: Scope We are visiting the following sites to validate selected data and information used as inputs into the sustainability review:
CAR – Sadiola & Geita
SAR - West Wits (Savuka, Tau Tona, Metallurgical)

Your assurance team Sites being visited Company x is providing external assurance over AngloGold Ashanti’s 2011 Sustainability information
Builds trust
Gives credibility
Shows transparency
Output of this process is an assurance statement, which is published within the Integrated Report / Sustainability Review

Scope of the engagement is to provide reasonable and limited assurance:
Over certain specified key performance indicators
The self- declared GRI G3 application level (A+)
The compliance to the ICMM 5 Subject matters, including the 10 sustainability principles Background to the engagement Sadiola Opening Meeting

30 January 2011 Assurance over AngloGold Ashanti’s 2011 Sustainability Information Image: http://www.ccp4.ac.uk Image: http://sbcolorado.com Image: http://signs4safety.co.za Brief document Working papers Finished (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr Conclusion When complying to the standards and following the procedures, environmental auditing is so much fun. you learn immensely from each OD or company that is audited. Policy principles Thank you... Heloïse Swanepoel
earth.INC environment and sustainability consulting
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