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Informative Session, AIESEC Río Piedras

AIESEC Río Piedras

AIESEC Rio Piedras

on 4 June 2011

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Transcript of Informative Session, AIESEC Río Piedras

Informative Session
AIESEC Río Piedras
February 2011 AGENDA:
What is AIESEC?
AIESEC Experience
Competencie Model
Functional Areas Opportunities
Exchange Opportunities
Important Dates* What is AIESEC? GLOBAL International platform for young leaders to discover and develop their potential. Over 50,000 members Over 110 countries Over 60 years of history ExchangeOpportunities
6-72 weeks Development Management Technical Educational Functional Areas Incoming Exchange Outgoing Exchange Talent Mangement Finance Comm AIESEC eXPerience Steps to become an Exchange Participant Assist to an Info Session
Apply for the program
Attend to the Interview
Assist to the OPS
Sign the Contract
Pay the $300 fee Steps to become an AIESECer
*Fill in the application
*Assist to the interview
*Attend to the RIS
(Regional Induction Seminar)
March 12th. Networking Sales Companies NGO's Buddies Interns Buddies Recruitment Matching Human Resources Integration Evaluations Recruitment auditory income management operational expenses media appearences positioning cash collections payments and 1,700 universities Talent Planning
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