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The Congress of Vienna

Chapter 7.5

Elizabeth Teague

on 29 November 2016

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Transcript of The Congress of Vienna

The Congress of Vienna 1814 -1815
Lord Castlereagh
Czar Alexander I
Klemens, prince von Metternich
Frederick William II
Q: WHO was at the Conference?
A: The European nations who united to defeat Napoleon's Empire. The principle negotiators were the "big four" powers of...
Goals of the Congress...
1) Prevent future French aggression.
1) Contain France (Create a buffer)
Make Countries Around France Stronger
2) Create a "Balance of Power"
- Can't make France too weak...would encourage Revolution
3) Restore Monarchies to the Throne
- Legitimacy
- monarchies deposed by Napoleon returned to the throne.
2) Restore a Balance of Power
1) Created Kingdom of the Netherlands
2) German independent states were united to create a Confederation controlled by Austria
3) Switzerland was recognized as an independent state
- Keep any one country in Europe from gaining too much power
3) Restore royal families
- France still had to pay 70,000,000 Francs ($132,000,000), give back stolen art, pay for a "transitional" (occupying) army
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand
In 1804, Napoleon started on a military campaign to increase French power, authority, wealth and influence ....
Wait...that's not the right guy?!!!

- Europe was devastated by the Napoleonic Wars. Much of Europe's infrastructure and political organization lay in ruins. France was being occupied by European armies. WHAT DO YOU DO NOW?????
Okay, this is the right guy...

Napoleon was defeated after a coalition of European nations invaded Paris and removed him from power in 1814.
He is sent to live alone (no wife or son) on the island of Elba.

(The biggest player)
The powerful nations of Europe met from November 1814 - June 1815 in Vienna, Austria to negotiate a "new European order"
Congress of Vienna
Q: Was the Congress successful in achieving it's goals?
A: Sort of.
A Triumph?
1) Political cooperation of an entire continent
2) A Lasting peace - 40 years
A Failure?
1) A loss for democracy...
Kings and Queens regain power.

2) The
and the
Holy Alliance
- Austria, Russia and Prussia pledge to use Christian and Church doctrine to combat the ideals of the French Revolution
Concert of Europe
- Series of Alliances that ensured nations would protect each other if revolution broke out
- Klemens von Metternich
3) Democracy CANNOT BE CONTAINED!!!!
- Leads to revolutions in Latin America.
- Aristocrats like Metternich were afraid of the democratic ideals of the French revolution...
- Their conservative agenda was meant to discourage democratic ideals and principles.
- "The first and greatest concern for the immense majority of every nation is the stability of laws - never they change."
Chapter 7.5
Great Britain
These changes were meant to keep France from dominating weaker nations.
-Leaders hope to restore order through these changes.
-Congress of Vienna succeeds in getting all European governments working together.
-Fair deals worked out so that the meeting
does not lead to more war.
-European nations agree to preserve
peace, which last 40 years.
Conservative governments rule across Europe, but new ideas have impact.
page 240
Discussion on 7.5
group work
Class Goal:
Examine the goals and results of the Congress of Vienna
*Chapter 7 Study Guide
Check your e-mail
Read section 5
Show how the ideas of the French Revolution continued to influence people.
page 241
Study for quiz
on 7.4
Complete front of handout
7.5 worksheet
see handout
Questions on 7.5 handout
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