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The Pro Aid: from trend to product

Henkel Innovation Challenge 2013

Robbert Smit

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of The Pro Aid: from trend to product

Promotion Product and Price Place Research Diadermine
Pro Aid Questions? Email us! (or send pigeon post) Thank you for listening high perception of efficacy with medically-positioned products, and therefore consumer demand for access to these products The beauty care segment Professionalization Distribution Handheld facial skin device: Measure & Restore Product From trend to product Resources What are the market needs in 2050? Price Promotion channels Shift from consumer to professional medical market Professional brands have already succesfully tip-toed into the consumer market (e.g. dermstore.com) By 2050, consumers will no longer accept "non-professional products" The 2050 trends from a bird's eye view perspective Increased customer-awareness Humanity 2.0 Just kidding Target group 1.pH values (acidity of the skin)
2.Skin moisture
3.Skin oiliness
4.Pigmentation problems
5.Congestion and Acne
6.Dead skin
7.UV values Aged 35-50
Both genders
Mid to high income levels Product message
Achieving a high premium quality image,
Coherent with a premium valued product

Nanogel: A constant moneyflow

Device + 3 nano tubes: €400
Each nano tube: €50 'Premium pricing' Pharmacies & Medical stores

Attending 'Medical World' trade fairs, used and sold by professionals

Superstores Maintaining a professional image Life in 2050 Distribution Promotion Reputable doctors/experts for online video commercial format Promotion on mobile devices Superstores Mobile devices implemented in the distribution chain The mobile promotion platform The new internet audience Fits perfectly with the current Diadermine slogan: "every skin needs an own expert/because you only have one skin" The sustainability matrix The augmented product Diadermine Pro Aid humanity program

Humanity logo Outdoor awareness marketing. Images of bad skin including the text: "Don't let this happen to your skin. Take matters into your own hands! Diadermine Pro Aid"
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