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No description

Sandali Weerasekera

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of STEREOTYPES...

A stereotype is what everyone thinks of a certain social group or a type of person. They're usually based on your opinion and about people of specific cultures.

4) The Awesome One: Hey, kids! Let's have class outside! Let's watch a movie today! Let's just sit and get totally off-topic and talk about last night's football game! Lets share our deepest feelings and dreams! And when it comes round to exam time - you realize that you didn't even pay attention to what subject it was.
5) No Control Teacher: The one who got the short straw when she chose which class to teach. "CLASS, SIT DOWN, PAY ATTENTION! I'll - I'll CALL YOUR PARENTS!" Yeah...No.
1) Emo: Yeah...no one understands their deal. They wear black clothes, nail polish, make-up...etc. Pretty much like goths - minus the part about them being 'really deep'.

2) Outcasts: They kinda avoid the world - don't want friends, socialize (and even on the internet: Facebook included by the way).

3) Diva: This person is literally the QUEEN of drama: "OH MY GOD!!!! SHE SAID THAT???"
4) Nerds: Close to the bottom of the social ladder - even though 1 day (we all know this) they'll probably be our bosses in the future.
5) High Achiever: These kids join every club, every sport, every event and somehow...at the end of it have good grades too!

But at the end of it, all of these stereotypes will always be just that...stereotypes. You shouldn't judge someone based on their appearance, where they're from, or anything really.
6) Jock: This person is ALL about sports! "Yeah...I'm in that team, and that team, did I mention I'm in that team too?" But, these people are about as sharp as a marble.
1) The Legend: The Legend is either incredible or evil, and students either pray they get them or pray they don't.

2) The Army Sergeant: Can I run to my locker to get my missing homework? No. Can I make up this test because my mom died yesterday? Can I go to the bathroom? No, no, and no. The strictest of the strict. like seriously.

3) The One That Never Changed - Even After (Let's Say) Thirty Years: Same routine, same seating plans, same dusty old posters on the wall. This teacher is the one that you get stuck with every year, spoiling the subjects you always wanted in Primary. Whether he's actually GOOD or not at teaching ....you decide.

Before we start, this is not our views of other people:just stereotypes that people normally have of others.
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