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Percent Equation

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Kayla Spencer

on 16 May 2014

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Transcript of Percent Equation

Percent Equation
How do you find the part, whole and percent?
This will give you the equations and steps of how to find part, whole and percent.
The percent equation can be used to find the part, whole and percent.
These equations will be easy to remember once you learn them!
15% of what is 30?
I will help you with this one, but the next one you can try on your own!
VP - Marketing
What is 40% of 360?
how to find the whole
When finding the whole, remember to think "What of" or "Of what" don't get confused on what to find, always look before you solve it
once again, change your percent to a decimal, two places to the left
Finding the part
the part=percent x whole
when you see "What is" remember that you need to find the part.
*for easier multiplying change your percent to a decimal by moving it to the left two places*
now let's do a few examples!
now lets take this step by step.
1. change your percent to a decimal
2. multiply the decimal times the whole.
3. now you have your part! 40% of 360 is 144
40%= .40
What is 140% of 68?
now let's do the steps:
*you know the percent is over 100, so you need to make sure that your answer is over 68*
1.Convert your percent to a decimal, two places to the left.
2.Multiply 1.4x68=95.2
3. 140% of 68 is 95.2

remember to be careful with this one!
1.go ahead and change your percent to a decimal 15%=.15
2.divide your part by your percent, so you put the part first. 30/.15=200
3. so your whole is 200
try this one on your own!
7% of what is 200?
A. 1495.91
B. 2857.14
C. 3274.15
did you get B?
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