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Beowulf: Hero Cycle

No description

Nancy Morataya

on 30 September 2011

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Transcript of Beowulf: Hero Cycle

The World of the Common Day: The Call: Crossing the First Threshold: Tests, Allies, & Enemies: The Approach: The Surpreme Ordeal: Reward: The Road Back: Resurrection: Return with Elixer: The Hero Cycle:
Beowulf Beowulf is a "stronger-than-average" man who lived during the Anglo-Saxon time period. Beowulf is called by the king to protect the people of Herot from Grendal. Beowulf accepts the challenge and gathers 15 men to accompany him to Grendal's home in the swamp. Grendal and Beowulf battle eachother. The major challenge Beowulf faces is that no sword will cut into the body of Gradal and he must fight him barehanded. Now Beowulf must fight Grendal's mother. After fighting Grendal's mother, Beowulf finds Grendal and cuts off his head. Beowulf takes with him the hilt of the sword he uses to kill Grendal's mother. 50 years later, Beowulf takes on the challenge of battling a dragon. Beowulf dies but not before finding a new king for his village and seeing the treasures they won from the dragon. The End! Safe-box Human-law Liquid-road Fear-test Statue-warrior Nurture-protector Man-slicer Absent-brain Fire-lizard Bright-fortune
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