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Types of Government

No description

Julie Cooper

on 19 November 2015

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Transcript of Types of Government

Types of Government
and Economic Systems

- Rule by a single leader or group
- Leader(s) have not been elected
- Leader(s) have absolute power and authority
Types of Government
-Decisions are made based on
the individual's vote on the matter.
-Difficult with large populations
- Ex: New England Town Hall meetings
Direct Democracy
Representative Democracy
- Individuals have majority vote on those who represent them in a law making body.
- Easier than direct democracy in larger populations

- Monarch makes ALL decisions.
- Acts as Head of State and Head of Government
Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch acts as Head of State Only (Ceremonial)
-Ex: Spain, Sweden, Great Britain
Power is given based on birthright. Power is kept until end of Monarchy, death or abdication.
What is the difference between Head of State and Head of Government? What is the President of the United States?
Power is held by an individual
- Power held by a small group
Similarities and Differences??
- Extreme form or authoritarianism
Holds Total Power
- Seeks control over public and private life
- Ex: Economy, education, science, private life, etc.
Type of rule usually imposed by dictators in which the Government's control extends to almost all aspects of people's lives.
Ex: Stalin's Five Year plan
American Government
American Government
- a constitution based

- a central government
shares power
with a number of s
mall local governments

- a country that has
no monarch
. The
of the country is an
elected official.

- The
authority rests with the people
, either directly or indirectly

The absence of government
How sustainable is this type of government?
Economic Systems

- Government owns all businesses
- Rich people are wicked and selfish.
- Factories and other property should be owned by the state.
- A government involved in every aspect of life.
- At elections, people should only be allowed to choose who they are told to.
- The Press should never criticize government.
- Religious belief not important.
- People own their own businesses
- People should be free to make as much money as they can.
- Factories and companies should be owned by individuals and companies.
- Government should not interfere in citizens lives.
- The Press should be able to criticize government.
The government should not interfere in religion.
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