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The Renaissance

No description

Aric Bergers

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of The Renaissance

The Renaissance Aric Bergers Zandon Elliott Jake Zehr Times Began in Italy Spread from the
amount of trade Artists and paintings Leonardo Da Vinci Donatello Mary Magdalene was sculpted
in 1457 and was cursed in real life
to beone of the seven demons by Jesus. The Mona Lisa was painted
in 1503 and is one of the most
recognized painting in the world. Raphael Maps Technology The printing press: Double shell domes: Bastion fortresses: School of Athens was created in
1509 and is "the perfect embodient
of the classical spirit of the high
renaissance." This is a map of Italy when
the renaissance began. This map shows all of
Europe when the renaissance
took place, and all of its empires. A fortification that evolved war for
its protection and gun placement. helped spread news around
Europe and was made of
scraped-clean animal skin. an element of architecture
used to resemble half a sphere Famous people Cesare Negri John Cabot Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus
was one of the first people
to discover America A dancemaster who
choreographer and
dancer in the renaissance. A famous explorer who
also founded part of North
America for the king of England. Food, clothing, and Hairstyle People ate things
like soup, salads and
roasts. The rich wore velvet, satin
and cotton and the poor
wore flannel and cheap fabric. Hairstyles included braids,
curls, and diamond embellishments
worn as a sort of tiara. lasted from 1400-1600 C.E. Music, Dance, and Visual Arts People played the lute, violin,
and the recorder. people either did country
dances or court dances. Visual arts included paintings
such as the Mona Lisa, Lady with
a unicorn, and the last supper. Bibliography www.historicalclothingrealm.com/ www.midrealm.org/mkyouth/links/peopleren.htm history.hanover.edu/courses/art/111ren.html
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