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Leilani Bell

No description

lib hist

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of Leilani Bell

Ryan M. Pitts
To surrender, give up, or permit injury to a disadvantage for the sake of something else.
Date of issue:
August, 21st 2014
2008 Wanat village, Runar Province

War fought in
: Afghanistan

Leilani Bell
Kiara Sanchez

Medal of Honor

what it takes:
Great courage in the face of danger; Especially in battle.
Sergeant Pitts displayed Valor in action when he was heavily bleeding. Sergeant pitts crawled to the northern position radio to describe the situation to the command post.
Hershell WIlliams
date of issue: october 5th, 1945
Place: Iwo Jima, Volcan Island 23 February 1945
Rank: Corporal
War fought in: World War II
Corporal Williams fought desperatly for 4 hours straight by himself, while constantly being fired at and always returned fire.
Devoted love or support and defense to ones country; National Loyalty
Sergeant Pitts showed a great amount of patriotism while in battle. He held grenades a while after he pulled the pin just so it would detonate exactly after he threw it. He was showing America a HUMUNGOUS amonut of loyalty, trying to win the war and protect its citizens.
Well,we are the GREATEST COUNTRY in the world! (:

Hershel Williams showed great loyalty to his country
by folowing the orders his captain gave him; to take out men, with a flamethrower in a pillbox. Killing a person
is very hard to do, it effects you mentally. So this just goes to show how loyal he was to America.
Sergeant Pitts
Hershel Williams
Ryan Pitts sacrificed himself for the wellness of others. While at the northern radio the enemy was within earshot, but he continued to speak and describe the situation so they're would be a chance of his fellow Army members surviving.
The Actual Medal
Hershel Williams sacrifed himself for our country. During WWII in Iwo Jima he was ordered to find a pillbox. Looking for a Pillbox is very dangerous because of how camofluaged they are.
High Respect as for worth, Merit or Rank
Sergeant Pitts had been knocked to the ground and was bleeding heavily due to shrapnel wounded. With incredible toughness, Pitts took control of his observation post. This is honorable because he did this just so the enemy wouldn't gain control.
Hershel Williams had been searching for a camofluaged pillbox alone with riflemen gaurding him. He took out the Pillbox and all its contents.
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