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UOC.IM1.CA4 - In the News

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on 27 April 2014

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Transcript of UOC.IM1.CA4 - In the News

Part IIa: May 5-10
Part III: May 11-17
You will be assessed on how you interact in Skype - try to have as natural a conversation as possible.
Optional Oral Task in Tandem & Skype
Assessed Oral Task in Tandem & Skype
Collaborative writing of a news article
Complete the assessed oral task using Tandem and Skype.

Remember you should work with a different partner from the one you worked with in CA2 if at all possible.

As in CA2, submit your work in the appropriate folder in your classroom's Forum.
When using Tandem, remember that it is like calling someone on the telephone: you both must have a Tandem window open, but only one of you invites (calls) the other one.

Also, remember that Tandem does not work in Internet Explorer! Use Firefox or Chrome!
In your workgroup, first decide what kind of article to write and assign different parts of it to each person.

Then, write your parts separately and post them in your workgroup wiki. Be creative!

Together, combine the parts so that it appears that your article was written by a single person. Help each other!
Tuesday, April 29, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Part I: April 29 - May 5
Reading, Materials and Appointment
Part IV: May 18-19
Publishing the article, Comments, Errors
To begin, complete the second Reading Exercise. This must be completed by midnight (24:00) on May 5. Don't miss this valuable opportunity to learn how the Reading Exercises work before CA5, when your grade will count for 20% of your CA5 mark!

Next, as always, complete the self-correcting exercises in the materials. Take note of useful grammar, expressions and other vocabulary for your writing in Part III.

Finally, make an appointment with a different partner in your workgroup Debate folder so that you can meet in Skype to complete the oral Tandem task in Part II.
The spokesperson in your workgroup should "publish" (post) your workgroup's article in your classroom's Forum for everyone to read once it is finished.

Everyone should read the articles and comment on at least two of them.

Finally, complete the Error Correction Exercise your teacher posts. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from your mistakes!

The end
CA4 - In the News
Part IIb: May 5-10
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