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Why do we over eat and how can we stop it

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Anthony Zeccola

on 9 November 2016

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Transcript of Why do we over eat and how can we stop it

Why do we over eat and how can we stop it
Goal Conflict Theory is the battle between wanting to lose weight and eat good food
Restraint Theory refers to people who diet gaining weight due to stress and anxiety
Taking a moderate approach is more favorable than restriction
Over consumption of food
Can lead to serious issues
Social, advertising and cultural influences all impact our eating habits
Certain situations can make us unaware that we are overeating
Important to recognise the impact of these influences on eating behaviours
Relevant Theories
What is overeating?
Leptin and ghrelin help regulate hunger
Leptin makes us full
Ghrelin makes us hungry
Emotional eating
Stress and depression can trigger us to overeat
Food produces serotonin in the brain making us feel good temporarily
Overeating can lead us to feel shame or guilt

Many psychological and physiological benefits from controlling our intake
Recognising triggers can prevent overeating
Taking a moderate approach is more beneficial long term than a strict approach
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