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No description

Daniel Lopez

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Biking

I am going to tell you about me biking
I do it a lot
What I bring While Biking And Why
I bring my back pack sometimes when i will be outside and biking for a long time. Or if i am carrying something i also bring it when i go to Max's. I normally don't bring my iPod i bring it to tell the time usually
Why I Like To Bike
I like to bike because it is fun it lets me get to now the area and i can get exercise. also i wont get lost as much and i will spend time with my friends. that's why i like to bike
That's What i do bring where i go why i like biking and hope you enjoyed and liked it by thank you for listening.
Where I Go Biking
Most Of The Time And what It Is
I bike a lot so and go to a lot of different places but the places i go to the most are. Baldwin and Baldwin park
Michigan ave and Max's. Thoughts are the places i bike to the most. Max is sort of like a place to get food, Popsicle, slushy and more. Baldwin is a street and there is a park Michigan ave is my street.

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