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HP Differentiation

No description

Brooke Wells

on 9 July 2013

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Transcript of HP Differentiation

Social Content Hub
1. oiadfjgte
HP Differentiation
Fundamentally, AOL and HP share in the business of Connecting people to their passions!

AOL by creating technology-driven content experiences that inform and entertain

HP by providing the equipment that powers digital experiences for consumers and creators alike.
In partnership with HP, AOL will use its global media platform to:

Connect consumers even closer with their passions

Share in experiences of others that inspire them further

Create opportunities for HP to show its products working at the center of those connections
Social Content Music Hub
You've Got
Since 2003, AOL Sessions has produced over 400 high quality live artist performances, filmed in AOL’s state of the art studios in Los Angeles, New York City and on location.
Nullsoft, Inc. Confidential
WinAmp is a full featured app with global reach for managing and consuming audio, play lists, podcasts, internet radio, devices and video libraries.
The ‘Social Music Hub’ (SMH) is a new music content experience designed by AOL to capture and curate the passionate, real-time social media conversations around music.

The SMH product is positioned to succeed because it harnesses 3 huge secular trends online: search-driven music content, passionate music communities and the evolution of social media.

SMH will offer users the opportunity to consume, share and participate in creating the ‘definitive’ archive of information on the artists they are most passionate about.
Why Partner with AOL to Build the SCH?

First, SMH is a media experience that is defined by technology; it could not exist without it and every consumer that touches inherently knows this. This creates the ideal environment for HP to be an authentic, invited collaborator in the creation of this experience.
Second, SMH is driven by people’s passions and how to make their personal experiences around music more powerful through technology. Like HP products, SMH uses technology ‘transform how people think, feel and connect’ around music.
Third, as users collaborate and lead the development of the SMH archive, there will be many opportunities to find the stories that bring HP feature stories to life. Like the author connecting writing to security features, SMH will bring fans closer to artists and to each other, highlighting how HP enables connections to deep, personal passions.
Fourth, SMH will be a core AOL product. This has not been invented for sake of sponsorship, this is a product driven by a huge consumer opportunity we see. It will become the new version of our Artist Pages section, the most highly-trafficked area of AOL Music, guaranteeing immediate organic traffic and strong AOL support.
Finally, while SMH starts with music, what we are really building here is a platform to connect users to passions by integrating technologies in a way that has not yet been done. Once we establish SMH in Music, we can look to expand into other categories to capture the global sweep of inspiring topics and individuals HP has started indentifying.
Search-driven Music Content : The #1 driver of music searches online is information; for instance ~70% of music searches are lyrics- or biography-based. Even when fans are looking for music to listen to or watch, they start with information. The company that owns the exhaustive, accurate music info archive becomes the organic search gateway. Through SMH, AOL can create an authoritative, specialized music information source which does not currently exist.
Passionate Music Communities : Music reaches 60% of Internet users each month, second only to news and perennially the #1 entertainment category online. Music fans live their music lives online. SMH will offer fans the place to keep up on the artists and fan communities they are passionate about, and the place to share that passion and show off their knowledge for millions of other users. While this is a core part of social music communities offline, there is no centralized online arena.
Evolution of Social Media: Social media is moving from the basic existence of tools such as Twitter and Facebook, to applications that show how they can be used to enhance offline behaviors. A good example of this is FourSquare, which uses mobile and social media to bring to life people’s attachment to places and show off their knowledge to their friends and communities. SMH can give direction and purpose to the conversations already happening on Twitter around music by giving it a home on a major network and a reason for fans to contribute and compete (again, as they already do in the offline world, but on a global scale not available without technology).
Social Music Hub: Why Now?
AOL/HP Social Music Hub Detail
AOL Authoritative Editorial & Original Content. The Hub will provide factual information about the artist.

Real Time Fan-Artist Conversation. Incorporating social content and connections, fans will be able to communicate with their favorite artist or follow others' conversations.

Competitive Atmosphere Encouraging Participation. For the first time ever, fans will compete to moderate the conversation and vie to be ‘Mayor’ of their favorite artist pages.

Historical Artist Info. The Hub will include historical information about the artist, which will include streaming audio and video content.
A new platform to be developed by AOL in partnership with HP, Social Content Music Hub will capture and curate the passionate fan-to-fan social media conversations in a community environment, to create the ultimate music knowledge experience.
What it is...
AOL and HP Connection
AOL & HP Differentiation Partnership
AOL has built a program for HP that begins with a centralized content hub and leverages key AOL platforms and properties to Activate, Connect and Extend. The launch category will be Music.
Where to Start
Online and offline, music fans are extremely passionate.

Get as close as possible to the artists they love.
Connecting, sharing and competing with other fans
Interacting on a lcal and global scale
Fuel Fans Passion
The Details
Bring the HP Differentiation campaign to life by erasing the physical and digital barrierss around music fans' key passion points, and elevating the way they Think, Feel, and Connect.
Amplify Music Passions
What it Offers
Sessions connects passionate music fans with their favorite artists by providing:

Exclusive Live Performances. Sessions will provide fans the opportunity to not only see the performances live online, but give a lucky few the chance to experience in in-person.

Live Social Fan Feeds. Fans can participate in fan feeds, posting their comments, have them answered on camera and broadcast around AOL and the world.

Q&A Sessions. Fans will have the chance to reach out and communicate directly with the artists by asking questions. The artist will answer the questions during the show and “B-Roll” will also be posted of the Q&A.

Connecting With Their Cause. Sessions will partner with each performer to connect with and celebrate a cause of their choosing. This cause will be highlighted during the show.
Join AOL Music to re-launch and revolutionize the premiere live music franchise across the Web

With a history rich in supporting global stars as they break and through their careers, Sessions features top artists performing in an up-close and personal setting.
Label agnostic access to artists
Now shot and streamed in HD
Photos, interview, behind-the-scenes, all packaged in professional AOL Editorial
Distribution across Aol and the open web including a variety of well-lit sites and social media outlets
Sessions Redesign
One way to frame SMH is IMBD + Wikipedia + Twitter + Four Square, all specialized around music. Our goal is to break down the barriers between users’ passionate, highly personal music conversations in the real world and the digital world. Here’s how it works:

At its most basic, SMH will be the ‘IMBD of Music’, offering fans an exhaustive, authoritative archive ranging from historical facts to the up-to-the-minute news about music and artists. It will include biographies, discographies, lyrics, videos, feature articles, news feeds and more.
However, SMH will not just be a static database. A bit like Wikipedia, SMH will also invite and empower fans to participate in the experience by adding and editing information, and drawing in the real-time conversations taking place on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.
Finally, SMH will tap into one of the core drivers of music fan passion: a little friendly competition. The only thing a music fan cares more about than the artists they love is showing off how much they know and love that artist. Using a similar concept to FourSquare’s ‘mayors’ of physical locations, SMH will be the first music archive to empower individual fans to compete to ‘own’ the artist page. Imagine the passion and information we can unlock when we invite a passionate Lady Gaga fan to become the Editor of her page in front of the 24 M monthly visitors to AOL. And set up clear rules on how he or she can be unseated from within the community!
How it works
59M global monthly UVs - #2 media manager in the world with (MMX Oct 10)
Full featured app for managing and consuming audio, playlists, podcasts, internet radio, devices and video libraries.
6,000+ community developed extensions for customized experiences (skin, plug-ins, visualizations and services)
Strong distribution platform for upselling at installation with 6M installs/mo. and an open framework for extending the experience to include partner built features
NEW! Winamp for Android – an end to end music manager that wirelessly syncs to Android devices and imports a user’s iTunes library.
WinAmp – The ultimate media player!
What it is...
Building the Experience
Sessions will be used as an activation arm in the following two ways:
Leverage additional AOL platforms and properties by strategically aligning the exclusive content produced
Leverage the Social Content Hub and social media, encouraging fans to own and share their experience
Sessions Programming Network
Leveraging the Social Content Music Hub and Sessions, WinAmp will syndicate content and deliver it to passionate users on both the online and mobile application, thus driving fans back the SCMH to become more involved.
WinAmp completes the Differentiation experience by bringing the AOL/HP Social Content Hub to a worldwide audience, both online and via mobile.

WinAmp reaches 59M global monthly UVs - #2 media manager in the world (MMX Oct 10).
WinAmp has over 6,000 community developed extensions for customized experiences (skin, plug-ins, visualizations and services).

Recently became the #1 music management app on Android phones.

Using the WinAmp desktop app, creating a Palm OS mobile extension, we can syndicate content from Sessions, SCH, HP and AOL worldwide and undercut Apple as smartphones eclipse iPods as the go-to music device.
Content, Social Impact, Mass Promotion and Offline
Doing Good in Partnership
AOL is in the business of helping people. Period.
We will build cause messaging into every performance, and our promotional commitment on our networks
Cash donation to Artist cause for every performance
Offline Extensions
Sessions Hometown Concert Series and Artist Tour Integrations
AOL Promotional Commitment
Sessions is the flagship original program on AOL, with regular rotation on AOL.com, permanent placements across AOL Music and our Network.
Annual Edit/promo value = 636 M impressions, $9.5M media value
Exclusive Content
1-2 shows per month; 3-8 songs per show; Refresh cause/vote bumper
‘Feel Good’ song or Refresh cover song selected by Artist or fan votes
Photos galleries of performance, behind scenes and audience experience
Professional Aol Editorial and Interview tie the package together
Sessions Radio & Artist page integrations & Mobile (Winamp)
Sessions offers music fans exclusive access to their favorite artist, the chance to experience unique performances, and communicate directly to the artists.
What it is...
What it is?
The web's open microphone, where the famous and not-so-famous get their 45 seconds to send timely messages to America. Surprise guests will all have something interesting to say.

From Obama and Elmo, to Kevin Bacon and Matt Damon
Leverage the ability to reach approximately 14.4MM* Users in one day

Advertising Guidelines
Estimated Impressions:
Mon-Wed: 54MM
Thurs: 52MM
Fri: 48MM
Sat: 40MM
Sun: 42MM
Production Lead time:
Standard: Three to Five (3-5) Business Days
Rich Media: Seven to Ten (7-10) Business Days / Tier V up to 20
Devil: Fifteen (15) Business Days
Rich Media must be serve via AOL Rich Media (no 3rd party serving)
Connect & Activate
Although You've Got does not allow for advertorial, AOL can work with HP to deliver the You've Got video message of the day via a celebrity that synergistically aligns with an existing program.

Since we are focused on music, and a big launch takes place around the Super Bowl, imagine having the Black Eyed Peas deliver the You've Got message on the day of the Super Bowl.
Unique Platform
Patch.com: How we market

Patch sponsors local events and participates in all types of community activities. This helps us spread the word about Patch, its content, and its advertisers.

We have first class engineers who work to make sure Patch content is on the top of search results for all search engines.

Patch is designed to be easy to share. Articles can be e-mailed or posted to Facebook and Twitter. Also, all sites have corresponding Facebook and Twitter pages

AOL subscribers register their account with their zip code. We use this information to feed local Patch news directly to AOL users.

When searching MapQuest, businesses near or in Patch towns will have the option of being re-routed
to that business’s Patch Directory listing.

Local Patch content is streamed directly to Starbucks customers in Patch communities when they sign on to the new free Wi-Fi at Starbucks.

Using a registered zip code, AOL e-mail addresses
will receive local Patch introduction e-mails that announce Patch’s presence in town.

Patch is a high quality news product. Once people try Patch out, they are hooked. They spread the word to friends, family and co-workers.
Local Grassroots Marketing
Social Newtorking and Sharing
AOL Homepage Presence
MapQuest Presence
AOL Local E-mail Blasts
Word of Mouth
Simply put, Patch is a new way to find out about, and participate in, what’s going on near you.

We are a community-specific news and information platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted local coverage for individual towns and communities.

We want to make your life better by giving you quick access to the information that’s most relevant to you. Patch makes it easy to:

- Keep up with news and events
- Look at photos and videos from around town
- Learn about local businesses
- Participate in discussions
- Submit your own announcements, photos, and reviews
What it is?
Each Patch site is run by a full-time professional editor and a team of contributors. They report about breaking news, crime, business openings, school news and average folks doing extraordinary things.
We provide a full calendar of community happenings. This makes it easy for anyone in town to add their event to the calendar.
Our researchers collect detailed information and take photos of hundreds of local businesses, organizations, government offices and public parks so you have comprehensive listings at your fingertips.
No matter what’s going on in your community, we’ve got it covered. Visit Patch to check out photos and videos from around town, see what neighbors are up to.
Leveraging Patch
Using Sessions as our content launch partner, we will create pop-up concerts in key Patch Towns.

Fans will have the opportunity to come to the show and connect with their favorite artist.

Furthermore, we will activate our passionate fan base by leveraging the Social Content Hub and encourage fans to share videos, pictures and stories about their experience.
Content from the concert will be distributed not only on Sessions and the Social Content Hub, but also to WinAmp so fans have the opportunity to take it with them wherever they go.
Banner Ads
Patch users can subscribe to receive news via e-mail newsletters featuring content hand-selected by the editors. We offer a daily news update, a weekly news digest, and a breaking news alert that is triggered whenever an important story is posted to the site.
Enhanced Directory Listing
Take your business listing to the next level on Patch with an Enhanced Video Directory Listing. This enhancement is a high impact way to reach out to potential customers and turn web users into foot traffic.
Promote coupons on Patch and drive new customers through your door. You will receive printable, e-mailable and sharable coupons all over the site. Businesses have the option of and running coupons on multiple Patch sites.
Banner Ads
Advertise with banner ads on Patch to get your business noticed by your own local audience. Choose from several different ad sizes to optimize your advertising success. Show off your business or product on the homepage, on internal pages, or even in our weekly e-mail newsletters.
Patch.com: What we offer
Artist Social Content Hub
AOL will combine historical artist information, authoritative editorial, fan conversation and competition to create the ultimate music knowledge experience.
"Mayor" moderation & competition
(Fans can check in and compete to "own" the page)
Real time fan-artist conversation
(Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, fan sites, etc)
AOL Authoritative Editorial & Original Content leveraging relationships with A-List artists and labels
Artist Content Catalog with streaming audio & video
A This artist Mayor’s personal info and ‘score’

B The Mayor’s top 5 pieces of content for this artist

C Other users contending for the Mayor’s role

D Most recent contributions from non-Mayor artist fans
"Mayor" moderation & competition
(Fans can check in and compete to "own" the page)
Real-time Fan-Artist conversation
Inbound: AOL collects and curate artist-related feeds from all major networks in one place (Twitter, Facebook, myspace, fan sites, etc.)
Outbound: Users can combine their contribution to the conversation with their favorite premium content (videos, photos, editorial, etc.) and publish it as a “module” to Facebook and Twitter
Artist Content Catalog
AOL Authoritative Editorial
& Original Content
Collection of premium artist content (music videos, Sessions performances, photos, etc.)
Editorial features, tour dates from AOL’s TourTracker, news, etc.
Outbound: Users can combine their contribution to the conversation with their favorite premium content (videos, photos, editorial, etc.) and publish it as a “module” to Facebook and Twitter
The module links back to a unique, user-created page within the AOL Music Social Content Hub
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