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Happy Birthday Dumb <3

No description

Aakanksha Shah

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Happy Birthday Dumb <3

MOM Hello Brother,

So I think Aakanksha officially
hates me.. It took me one
month to write down this
message.. But I'm not purely
to blame, yes there's a bit of laziness but a whole lot of being distracted with you
annoying me and being inquisitive.. Hahaha..

I hope you have a great day and a brilliant year ahead.. Soon you'll be sailing and
the silence in the house will be boring.. So I guess its all good.. I hope you like the compilation I'm sure its going to be damn cool.. Collages are always nice,
lots of memories all in one.

I really don't know what else to say here..
I'll save the complaining for in the moment its
more fun then.. Have a Happy Happy Birthday..

Lots of Love
Me Hi Shaney,

Little did I know that someone could enjoy gossiping more than my dear Nadine. But then I met you. Hahah. I'm just kidding. Considering this "space" has been provided to us by your girlfriend to say nice things about you, here goes. I have known Nadine for a long time now and by extension her little brother as well. From the reticent young boy who avoided his sister and her friends like the plague you have grown into a charming young man. As much as you would like to believe otherwise, you're actually one of the few good guys out there :) 

Here is wishing you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you get everything you want and hope for in life.

P.S: Thank you for always trying to find me a man :P You will be one of the first people to know when the man-hunt is complete!!

Big Hug and Lots of LOve!!! With a compass that doesn't face north and sails full of holes you just got yourself locked up in the treasure zone! follow the X marks and go grab your birthday messages ;) My darling Shane,

Here's wishing you a really "Happy Birthday" and many, many more. I hope the year ahead is your best one yet and may all your dreams come true.
Hope you are liking your birthday gift!!!!
I hope to be home on the 28th. and if so we can party together!!!

Lots of Love,

Dad Happy birthday Shannon ( I still havent figured out why I call u that ).

It's a cool name for a chic though. Anyway, here's wishing you a super maad one. I don't know if you can better the puke-fest from last years party at 2905 but I sincerely hope u do.
Lots has changed from last year mostly for the better (if u know what I mean) and somethings haven't and they probably never will. Here's wishing that Arsenal pick up some silverware by your 30th birthday. By current standards that's a pretty darn good deal and may Wenger get Theodore to sign another deal so it feels like you have a new signing.

Happy birthday broheim. Have a super year & if u want a gift, share the IPad with your sister ;-p
PS : Thanks for Van Pizzle

Much love Hey Shane,
If it wasn't for you I would still be friends with mridula and sukrita
(my first friends at xaviers ) and I would also be less bitchy!!
Through the gossip, laughter, bitching, nose job and heartbreak ;)
you've come to be one of my closest friends.
You bring out the mean streak in me and I love you for it.
Happy Birthday!!
Hope you have the most amazing year ahead filled with more trips to
turkey (you know why) and a massive pay raise so that we can
upgrade to hakkasan from lemon grass :P

Lots and lots of love,
Zaibaa Shane Roy Phillip Milan.

On your 23rd birthday I can say nothing more than how brilliant you've been as a friend and a companion-in-humour to me throughout life. It is unimaginable as to how I would have spent my meaningless time if you and I-JO weren't around. And it is because that you were around that in hindsight I cease to refer to that time as meaningless!

It is a pity that you didn't get much action in the middle during our cricketing days due to your lack of skill with the season ball,not that I had much myself, but then again, I had an extra phone to substitute for the same. I'm sure you recollect the same and it is a pity that you will never make me forget it either. However it isnoteworthy that your lack of action back then is compensated for today with a bit too much of it! I am delighted that you have hit your jackpot my friend and I do hope you stick by her as I doubt anyone else will ever take this much trouble for someone as average as you.

Moving on, I am doubly grateful to you Shane-eyefor having been my only source of impeccableconversation (in English)during a time whenIshan and co. were hell bent on 'attempting to rape'our great language.May such heinous crimes be never committed again in our lifetime, especially yours.

Now on a serious note, on this special day for you,I'djust like to say thank you,

Thank You for always keeping phone conversations short and necessary, and nothing more
Thank You for keeping me company for double-half fry plain after every coaching session at Kalina.
Thank You for all the wonerful rickshaw rides with Dewan that the 3 of us took, but only I ended up paying for.
Thank You for making sure that Raghav is always going to remember ourcricketing days with discontentment.
Thank You forlaughingwith me that daywhen Seemin Shetty'sEnglish was very much not correct.
Thank You for landing up in Goa with Suzan and the Captain to ensure that I have the money to pay for 2 badly damaged Zens.
Thank You for bringing Nadine into my life who has been so instrumental in teaching me life's harsh lessons, such as things rarely go according to plan.
Thank You for bringing Nishit into mylife,me and mybruised thumb willnever forget him.
Thank You for giving me thefood in your house and tellingSuzan that you ate it
Thank You for making very practical business propositions to Zota about the going rate of wholesale Beef.
Thank You for being oh-so-creative on individual Whats-app chats and creating humourous disharmony on Group equivalents of the same.
Thank You for never losing your cool with me when we're in one team playing Fifa.
Thank You for making me meet Aakanksha Shah, who is indeed your jackpot and if things dont go according to plan for the 2 of you, maybe mine as well.
Thank You for allthetimes that I've used your house as a waiting lounge in the last few months.
Thank You for always keeping humour levels high, even when testosterone levels in our circledropped.

Lastly, thank you for everymemory, every moment, everyjoke and everything else that you'vegiven me by justbeing You!

I love you my friend.
Happy Birthday!

Raunak Wassup shane happy birthday!! Sorry Aku I troubled you a lot .... but shane it was dam sweet of her to go through all this trouble to get this done.... I would like to quote Gapu is his legendary statement " what you and Aku have is beautifull ,,,,,,,, Aku na is very beautiful ....... ahahahah ...  I guess at this time im in bangalore not there on your birthday so u owe me a treat. Anyway have a great day and year. Iv know you since the longest time now and the best word to describe you is chugli. With all you controversies and jokes on OUR FRIENDS LIKE MICHAEL,DADA (LOLY), CUTLET, PICKER(MISHU), CHAIWALA, (ME).. to name a few . Also with all the problems you cause on the whats app grp.... and slap bets with faraz, But all that is for the good as if it were not for you we would have been very very very very bored......  By far the best phase was when u came back from ship and i just got done with exams and loly had some spare time to leave the children alone.... and we literally played ps(where u always lost) , chilled,, everyday and at night CS thanks to chief dude!!!!! Now m stuck here in bangalore missing all these things...Anyway happy birthday ,,, (hope for your sake that Arsenal one day wins a trophy).... Please get smashed and i hope that you have a crazy day ...... The first time i was told to write abt shane i was shit scared .. Nt because there was less info bt less wrds to give out experiences tht weve shared !! Since the time shane and dewan used to fool me in the rickshawride frm scool till home till today weve been great frnds and ive loved hw hes always smiling and happy .. Whatever the situation may be .. Hes always smiling !! Shanes been a great friend and more over tht a very passionate person when it cmes towards anything !! Hes always been loving and caring !!

I love thw guy and hope he gets what he deserves and finds happiness in every conquest of his life ..

Love you
Hriday Gattani Shannns!

My partner in 8th and partner in crime, from guessing the right bra size/color/shapes of girls sitting ahead  of us to blaming Baba Joshi for just about anything under the sun. The man with the violent streak who has the "controlled aggression" running through his veins. Shane, your batting abilities are awesome, and they truly multiply ten fold at Dada's home ground. Shane you are the spark that creates forest fires that rage for days and leave behind only destruction and misery i.e: What'sApp. Perpetual cheater, lame prankster and all over awesome guy, Shane, Happy Birthday!! 

Kind Regards,

Faraz Naqvi Ahoy ! Wishing you an awesome birthday. Always admired your humor and mischievous jokes (  as long as their not pointed towards me ) . Good to have you back in Bombay for such a long time , keep in touch while sailing the seas , travelling the world ( I'm so jealous of that) . Here's wishing you the best for your years and voyages ahead. Happy birthday old friend. MR SHANE MILLAN,

well what do i write about you man .. known you since forever now ya.. all i want to say is you are an awesome person and even more an awesomer friend.. hope u have calm seas to sail on for life.. oh nd what kinda sailor has vodka and not rum.... work on that...


Happy bday .... Hope u have an aqesome bday ....i have known u really really long .... Very few ppl know that under all the chugli which u do , u r a brilliant guy .... I love u for that .... Hope we stay in touch forever ... U should remember once ur on ship we dont forget you .... Lokhandwala bond shall not die ... Lets hope we stay friends forever .. Take care .... Happy bday again ......may our champion always entertain ous forever ........live long and happy ... Waddup bro Happy Birthday .
Have a Great Year
Stay healthy and fit like brat pit,
Thts not it,
Dont lis to ppls shit,
Enjoy a clit.
Peace outttttttt Hiii shane happy birthdayy first of all !
Jus wanted to let uno tht its been great knowing you ! I'll neve forget the crazy fun v have had ! All the times iv ragged you and ofcourse the 30 percent factor goes without sayin hahah but n ways happy birthdayy hope u have a great day as well as an awesome year ! Good luck with every thin !
love always
stuti ! Hey Shane (Egg-Head),
Happy Birthday !!!
Its been around 9-10 years since I've known u..and u haven't changed a bit!! (I don't knw whether that's good or bad..haha) You are the most chilled out and crazy person I knw..
Anyways..just be the annoying and fun person u are always..Have an awesome and kick ass day..!! Mwuuaahhh...
Priyanshi.. Ello Captain,

First off, I’d like to wish you a very very very very Happy 23rd Birthday!!
We might not have any super stand out moments to reminisce but surely we’re getting there now ;) . Even so, I think we’ll both agree that we have tons of the little moments which can crack us up (you know what I mean ;) :p ). I can say this in a million different ways but it all ends up to the fact that you are an awesome person, an even better friend and I’m so glad that you’re a part of my life. Wish you all the love, luck and happiness in the world and I promise to be there whenever you need me. Lots and lots and lots and lots of love coming your way now and always :)

Malvika Sangani Dear shane,
Happy 23 . You have sailed through yet another year of your bitchy jokes , snide comments and your exaggerated instigating stories and for that I would like to award u with the highest honor of the "chugli cutlet" ( however much u deny it, u still up hussain.) Don't get me wrong, but I say this with the utmost admiration and respect for what u do cause I can't imagine how bland the group would be without your meddling , how boring a party would be without listening to "tu mera hero" on repeat and how un-entertaining your "friend" Raunak would be without you by his side.(Aww!! We all love a good bromance) So the point I'm trying to get at is that you can go sail 'around the world in 80days' but I hate to say this that when your gone I miss your eggy face. Happy birthday!

Love ,
Misbah. Sailor Boy,
I can't begin to tell you how much your vicious humor is secretly appreciated by me, even though half of it is pointed at me u a**hole! Ure always fun no matter what time of day or year, and I hope you have a safe year and calm seas for years to come. Happy Birthday Shane!

Much love

Kanchi. Happy Birthday Sailor Stud Hiii shaneeee here's wishing you a very very happyyyy birthdayyyy and loads of shipping trips around the world . I am taking this opportunity to tell you what a special friend you have been ,
All the times we have spent through school have been great you have been the most entertaining of the lot , there is no one who can compete with your sense of humour and off course your sarcasm .i wish on this birthday you get all the happiness and love you deserve . We all wish the times you have missed being away from us can be made up .hope you remain the same jolly and entertaining as ever and your love for faraz, baba and raunak gets more than ever haha .. Loveee you loads Sailor boy.

Ushma Happy birthday Shane!

On your birthday I would just like to tell you it has been great knowing you. I've had some of the most memorable moments with you and I don't think I have ever met anyone with such an extraordinary talent to bug people. Hahaha.
Hope you have an amazing time and year ahead and hope all your dreams come true.

Take care and good luck for everything! Hiiee Shanneee,

wish u a very very Happyyy birthdayy!!.. We both havnt been such good friends in school but now hw much ever we chill its been so much fun!, ur a great guy... U have a rocking year ahead!!! all the best..

Lots of love -
Malvika Happy Birthday man...
four years we know each other now...honestly those years would not make sense if you weren't going through the exact same thing....have a brilliant one...and remember 'we shall always have talegaon'
p.s-you screwed me over with the tequila that night.. End of June 2006, St.Xavier’s College, 1st day of FYJC, I sit beside this guy and exchange the self-imposed mandatory greetings in classroom number 23 (later what would become our fortress of mischief of sorts) with Shane Millan technically the 1st friend I made in college (that sounds so cheesy :p ). That was 6 and a half years ago and it’s just amazing to still have u around man. (damn! more I write the cheesier this thing is getting.)
Mr. Shane RoyPhillip Karl Michael Millan, I know we rarely have these moments where we talk to each other about how we have impacted our lives n shit, but then again we r dudes we don’t do that right ;). But honestly it’s been really cool to have someone like you around and unknowingly or knowingly you have been there at the right time quite regularly (for someone who is walking on water for half the year that’s quite an achievement.) I guess it was just the way we bonded in our 2nd year (stories of which will require another magazine altogether), shared moments however small yet monumental in making us what we are as individuals, which makes it rather difficult for anyone of us to not be there. It’s rarely that I have friends with whom I share such high unspoken level of understanding. Good shit Shane!
Keeping this as short as I can and not going overboard, you are one those few people with whom I would never wanna lose touch.
Wishing you a very happy birthday man!! May this year give you all that you deserve and desire and a lil more!!
Have an insanely successful year.
Nishit Pathak. "prophets of the squeaky brotherhood" Its been great knowing you since your induction at Khatra..
The picture is a memory of how you sailed through good & crappy times. I'm clearly there in both :) Happy Birthday Sailor! Keep sailing and don't let our ship drown! (had to keep this message a little more emotional than Nishit's) Shaney boy !!
Happy happy happy birthday !
It seems like just yesterday we were looking down our window in
Goa and saw you coolly walking into Aimans room . Well we should
have known its going to be special , it started with a kingfisher !!!
Be it danza , chicken tawa , Oberoi heights , lonawala .... We have done it
all ! Seen you through clean shaven going all the way to a French beard !
When you are just " friend " you don't get a call from China , Istanbul God
knows where else . But we got a call ... every single time .. Wherever you were ..
And that made the bond even stronger.
It's weird , given the circumstances we met in , it wasn't logic to be best friends ..
But oh it was so much fun to be !! We love you Shane , with all our heart ...
So much so that we had to come to all your parties even if we didn't know anybody
and even if it meant taking antibiotics and coming!!
And now when we see you all settled and happy we couldn't ask for more for
you on your birthday . This has got be your best birthday ever ! And it's sad
we are not there to bring it in , in person . But our wishes , love , hope and joy
are with you on your very special birthday ! Have lots of fun get drunk ,
have a cheesecake .. It's your birthday ! Danza kuduro away my friend !
Have rockets and always remember we love you !!!
So much , miss you Shane ..
Happy Birthday love :):)
<3<3<3 Well,  first and foremost... 
Happy happy birthday mate! It's been long now since we
met,  but let me tell you some things I never put across...  Today being a special day,  you ought to know all of this...  Shane,  my dear friend,  you are one of the FINEST, 
COOLEST people I've come across....  CHILLING with you
has been EPIC... Be it Lonavla or Lokhandwala... 
Right from the Mariner stories to God knows what,  we've practically spoken, laughed and had all the fun together... 
A little bit of wisdom now :-P Never ever change yourself... You are the best person,the way you are.. Just take life as it comes and do not worry about tomorrow, 
because TODAY is your actual PRESENT... 
Have a blast man...  Have a good day today and a happy hangover tomorrow! Cheers! Keep in touch...
P. S. I wish you a very successful life...  Many many happy returns of the day... Now drop anchor and go down by
head,  keep a lookout and go out there...  PARTYYYY!
Kashi Kishor Sah! SHANE!! (In the typical way I say it) ;)
The crazy Vodka in the bottle without a label that your dad had( I seriously thought I would turn blind), Laughing and bitching about random people, dancing through the night on Waka Waka ;) and of course Goa. 
It's been insane fun knowing and chilling with you. Be the awesome person that you ARE and hope I always know A Shane (preferably you) all my life! ;)
I know you'll have a great birthday and a crazy life ahead of you. 

A huge hug and lots of love!
Akshi. Shane its been 3 years since we first met and i am glad to say that our friendship has only grown better with time and it has been an amazing 3 years of knowing you. You have been by my side every single time I needed you since then. I count you amongst my closest friends and i hope you feel similarly too. I can only remember happy times and fun days with you and i look forward to having many more. Every moment we have spent together has been worth it!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I wish you are closer to all your wishes by a year!! Happy Birthday Shane!
Have a super dayy
You're a great guy. You just bring a smile to everyone's face and even more cuz you keep my aaku happy :D
So I wish you all the love and happiness and a great year ahead Hieeeee shane!
A very happyyyy birthdayyyyyyy!
First of all, I just love our conversations. According to me there
are the best n soooo random. We just start talking about so many random things n that's what I love. You setting me up with people
is too funny bcoz either the person starts dating (raunak :p) or
I don't like him. Its just too funny. I really respect you n like you
as a person bcoz you take good care of my best friend n she is just
very happy when you are around n that's what I like the most.
We can actually talk for hours n half of it is sooooo stupid but still
we just keep talking. There are so many more things to talk about
but I'll stop now :p. Have a madddddddd birthday n always stay
with my best friend.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again [{}] Hey shane, many many happy returns of the day.
there is so much to tell u but when i sit to write i dunno where to start from. i remember the very 1st day when i met u i wanted to set u up and it all started from there :P you finally have a hot girlfriend because of me ;;) B) may you have a alot of sex this year :P
Hope Every Lovely Hour of Your Very Special Day, Is Filled with Moments That Will Bring Much Happiness Your Way For your Birthday’s The Beginning of a Year That’s Fresh & New And Each Day Should Be Wonderful, for Someone, so Very nice Like You. HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again love you and dont ever change ! keep it going gossip girl :P xoxo ! i know you love me ;) And you have to love me more after all I love Manchester United :P Heyy shane !

Happy Birthday have a great day and afabulous year ahead. Hahaha i really don't know what to say...:P but every single birthday of yours has certainly been a memorable one for me and you know why hahaha i'm sure this year is also going to be great. Oh yea neha you and me still have to go out for drinks idk why we stopped doing that but yea...your stories are always fun :D

Lots of love hugs and kisses

Nicole & Ryan hii sexyyy wish you A VERY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYY!! ur an amazing friend though u dint evn msg or call me once since i got a fracture :p and though u dont keep in touch well and only thru akki, well ur excused only cause we share a jns bond.. lol love how we take akkis case sometimess..love chilling with u both togetherr and cherish all the times with chilled..hope you have an amazing dayy and may god bless you and hope u get all happiness and success in life..m yet wanting to go on a ship with you so please take me (before akki also i dont mind, lol she'l kill you)

loads of love,
anokhiii Shaneeee! Happy birthday bro!!!!
Have a killer year, get so high that u don't remember reading this haha! Cheers to you!
With love
Kreeti Atul Viram Mihir Hellooo Shane baba! 23 che!
Thoda scary che hahah u seem like
your 17 :-P
:D lots of love :* hope u have an insane
year and come back from ship with lots
more funny stories and incidents hahah
Haven't known u too long, but your my buddy now, u can't escape me hahah
Happy birthday again :* So its been about 2 months since i know you now but it seems like ive
known you guys forever! i have never met anyone as warm and as
friendly as you are! from all that drinking you and akku made me do,
to the ludo session and conversations we've had about everything
possible, its almost unbelievable how well we got along. you are one
person who ALWAYS smiles no matter what.. i havent known you long
enough to know much about you, but out of whatever i do know, you are
one of the nicest people i have come across.. it has been a pleasure
knowing you. you and akku literally bring life to everything! im
looking forward to many many many more times with you! have the best
birthday my aquarian buddy :P love you :) Birthday Birthday Birthday *dancing*
And I know the amount you just didn't
want to celebrate your bday cause of your "
orals"... like seriously? *rolling eyes*, ask
yourself aren't you glad you had it? And how
could you think of not celebrating it MR its your
first birthday with me and hopefully not the
last :P Cause we have to party HARD-er than
we did...
Leaving all this aside, I know your going
to be leaving soon and I don't like this
feeling cause whatever said and done you've been
stood by me through everything that's happened
and Thank You so much *kiss*... I will miss you
but like I always tell you its good your "going"
our drama needs its own space na :P (just joking)
But go fast and come back faster so that you can be
here for my 21st {I know HIGH HOPES :( but, TRY}
And thanks for always stepping down every time my
E.G.O steps in *embarrassed*... And thanks
for being equally STUBBORN cause
then you also know where to stop :P
But more than anything baby..
THANK YOU for being the BEST
BOYFRIEND and not to mention
my favorite BOY to GOSSIP with.....
Everything written above is
so dis-organised....but chalna
its barely 5% of what
should be here.... Happy 23rd Dumbbb.. sooo.. I have no clue
what to write and I made everyone write
these messages for you and all... but I feel so
stuck up atm! I hope you
enjoyed clicking the "next" button
and reading all your messages... I
am sorry I couldn't really
merge audio with it cause I am
using this software for the first
time..And audio would have had
just made this whole visual
magazine cooler than it already is
:P... Oh god babu I don't know what to
write yaa.. Ya can you believe it I am
falling short of words X_X... Let's see.. let's try
putting something down..
First and foremost Happy Birthday... have an
insane 23rd year of life (actually has to be
insane after all I am a part of it *blush*)!!! Hola Sexy ;) So I know I look damn sexy
in this picture but chill bro this zone
is only about grabbing birthday
messages and not ME :P ONCE Happy Birthday my
Babu... I love you
Hope you had
a good time viewing this! AGAIN
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