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Xiety Watch

No description

lizzy omolaja

on 27 March 2018

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Transcript of Xiety Watch

Key features of Xiety
How Do I Work?
Xiety watch senses distress by 3 main changes in the body
Target Market
For garenteed relief
Xiety Watch
Coming to a store near you
Xiety Watch
By: Elizabeth Omolaja, Confesor Diaz, Madonna-Nina Nwako
Who here has ever had a panic attack?
Anxiety Disorder affects about 40 million people in the United States from the ages of 18 and older.
Even though it can easily be treated in most cases less than 50%of people get treatment.
Stores You Can Find Us

3 Year Revenue Plan
Heartbeat monitor
Temperature monitor
App to track and customize calming techniques
Blue tooth
Wi-Fi and data compatible
Optical pulse sensor
Water resistant up to 50 meters
18-20 hour battery life
$73,425 in revenue at the end of 3 years
$35,871.74 in revenue at the end of 3 years
263 x $89 =23,407
5,026 x $1.99= $10001.74
= $33,408.74 by year 1

275 x $89 = 24,475
6,000 x $1.99 = 11,940
= 36,415 by year 2
287 x $89= 25,543
7,000 x $1.99 =$13,930
=$39,473 by year 3
Break Down
Special Features
Xiety Talk
Meditation Coaches
Sprinkle of Xiety
Easily find doctors near you who take your insurance when abroad
Can customize watch bands
Social media (ex. Twitter, Facebook Instagram, etc.)
Advertising through Fitbit
Pop up shops (ex. mall and department store kiosks)
Amusement parks
The watch can emit sounds and vibrations to stimulate and calm a person in a panic attack
The app and watch will keep track of a person's vitals for later retrieval
Can be programed to play music of persons choice while sleeping to defer panic attacks during sleep.
Our competitor's (Apple watch, Fitbit, Samsung) prices can range anywhere from
$100 to $1,000
We provide apps that allow better communication through the watch with Xiety Talk
We provide the app as an alternative therapeutic option.
The app has all the same aspects of the watch except the phone wont have the ability to sense a person's distress and react immediately.
Our watch has a target group broad enough to relate to everyone

Xiety Bands
Normal wrist band (Comes with watch)
Fidgit Band------------ $20
Perforated wristband --------- $15
Customized wristbands ---------$30-$45

60 Day Trial

Xiety Talk

Sprinkle of Xiety
Doctors near you
(First 40 sales will recieve a free auromatherapy neclace)
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