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Tianna Calcagno

on 31 January 2014

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Transcript of social-media-template

Presented by
Michelle Kraker & Tianna Calcagno
Social Media Usage Up 800% For U.S. Online Adults In Just 8 Years. - Forbes
Track your links.
Bit.ly is your friend.
Integrate with Google Analytics
See how visitors are finding your
website and blog.
Check referral keywords to your site social media (build an ongoing list)

How to determine if what you are doing
is working.
ROC or Return on Conversation.
What is the value of a conversation?
What is the ROI of mom??
What you can measure:
Referral traffic - What funnels are you driving?

92% of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends.
70% of consumers trust opinions of online strangers who they may never meet. - Nielsen
People like to do business with people they know, like, and trust.

Purchasing conversions
How do I measure the effectiveness of my social media efforts?
Jane Doe
Social Marketing - Empowerment
Integrating social media into your existing marketing strategy
Building your tribe
Brand evangelism

SEO is fading out.
Search ENGAGEMENT Optimization is in.
What you can’t measure in numbers but can measure in value.
Building a Powerhouse Social Media Strategy

and image
This is an informal, intensive session,
ask questions, interrupt us,
challenge us, feed us cupcakes.

Test everything
and hold on to the good.
We love questions. Tweet using the hashtag
Know your goals. Make a list every month.
Where Your Page Likes Came From
Post reach via paid / vs not paid (include stats here)

External referrers

Post Performance
Check to see how your posts are performing.

See when your fans are online.

Tab Clicks

Best Post Types

SEO > Search ENGAGEMENT Optimization
Social media is the new word of mouth
Keyword searching
Original content / blog posts / video
Referral traffic / Pinterest


Google Analytics
Analyze what is working vs. what is not
Determine which social network is bringing the most referral traffic back to your website.
Search Keywords
Integrate search keywords with social media (hashtags!)
Other Helpful Tools
Google Alerts
Brand Sentiment
Mining for it
Harnessing it
Manage and elevate perception and reputation
Responding to negative comments

How to Create Your Own Editorial Calendar

What is an editorial calendar?
An editorial calendar is used by bloggers, publishers, businesses, and groups to control publication of content across different media, for example, newspaper, magazine, blog, email newsletters, and social media outlets.

via: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Editorial_calendar
How to Organize Your Calendar
By year / month / date
Color code important and original content
Core Content for Your Calendar
Remember your
goals and funnels
when developing

Theme days
Feedly articles
Email campaigns
Brand / project launches
Video launches
Sales promotions
Important announcements
Funny content
Questions (20-30 great tips to rotate through monthly)
Tips (20-30 great tips to
rotate through monthly)
Let's break it down...
How to Create the Perfect Post
Each social network operates a little differently, and each brand's fans have their own tastes and preferences.

Avoid human faces. Look for red.
Be positive. Provide a link.
Tag people. Include large images.
Ads, Promotions,
Contests, Events,
Promoting Your Events
Facebook Events
Promote on Social Media
Creating Ads: Only create ads on your strongest networks first.
Facebook Ads
Sidebar ads
Promoted posts

Social media is not a magic wand
Establish yourself as an expert
Original Content
How much time does it take to have a successful social media presence?
It takes time if you want to do it right. Otherwise you are just added internet noise. #Ain'tNobodyGotTimeForThat
How many hours?
Time allocation
Posting into the weekend
Optimal times for engagement (varies for each network)
The "don'ts"
before the
DON'T just "hope" people show up and talk to you
DON'T obsess over numbers

Have a strategy!
The DOs
Make a list of all your goals
Map out all content on your editorial calendar for the next 1-3 months
Create homes for your content (Google Drive folders) by type
Commit to creating great original content and genuine engagement

Keeping a pulse on the competition

Using social media as a customer
service tool

Thought leadership:
The most effective 2 - word strategy:
Be Useful.
How do you do this?
Cross pollinate your shopping platform between all social channels
Create a store tab on your Facebook page
Integrate social sharing icons on each product
Run contests
Showcase your company's charitable contributions
The Future of Social Media - 2014 Predictions
Make sure your marketing is mobile friendly
You MUST have a mobile optimized website, if you don’t you’re losing money, simple as that.
Older user adoption

Daily active users have reached 665 million
Monthly active users have passed 1.1 billion for the first time
751 million mobile users access Facebook every month
Mobile only active users total 189 million
Mobile now generates 30% of its ad revenue up from 23% at the end of 2012
3 million companies have Facebook pages

Over 200 million users
2 new users join it every second
64% of users are outside the USA

44% growth from June 2012 to March 2013
288 million monthly active users
That means that 21% of the world’s internet population are using Twitter every month
Over 500 million registered accounts
Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 year olds, registering an increase in active users of 79%
60% of Twitter users are female. That is the same percentage of people who snack during cookery programmes.
The fastest growing social network in history. According to Business Insider, Pinterest has over 25 million users as of February 2013.
There are 70 million users on Pinterest; that’s over three times the population of Australia.
Social discovery of objects (as opposed to family and friends)
Pinterest grabs 41% of e-commerce traffic. Compare that to Facebook at 37%.
Users spend more money when compared to Facebook’s users. The average socal shopper spends an average of $60-$80 when coming from Facebook.
The average shopper on Pinterest spends $140-$180.
Pins are more relevant than a tweet. The average tweet remains useful for a matter of minutes while the average pin remains clickworthy for months.

70% of brands have a presence on Google+. That’s the same percentage of Americans hate their jobs.
Although we all hate it, Google is the king of search, so Google + can’t and shouldn’t be ignored.

Facebooks new reporting system -
Page likes breakdown / where “likes” came from

What do you want the numbers to tell you?

Analyze the data, track the progress.

“How we cultivate our relationships if often the greatest determinant of the type of life we get to live. Business is no different.” - Gary Vanderchuck

Thank you for joining us!

Adjust the content accordingly, more on that later..
Less enlisting existing employees, and see even more companies
hiring social media strategists or full-time social media managers.

We’ll Witness the Rise of Micro-Video

Fourquare will decline sharply. New ways to reach people via video with Vine and Instagram

Investment in Social Media Will Become a Necessity, Not a Luxury

Case Study #1
1k to spend in 30 days
5 ad variations with custom photos / promoted posts
500 new likes in 30 days
5,662 clicks to the landing page
Case Study #2
Individual Post Promo
Facebook Growth
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