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Post View

qualitative research

kimberlee Brooks

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of Post View

Qualitative Research : Post View
My Journey
Kimberlee Brooks, RD B.H.Ecol

What is it?
Various Methods
Naturalistic Inquiry
Person Centered Interviewing
In-depth semi-structured
Case Study
Participatory Action Research
Arts Based Inquiry
Manual Analysis
Data Management
Basic Coding
Word by word
Line by line
Computer assited analysis
Qualitative research is used to gain
insight into peoples attitudes,
behaviours, values systems, concerns
motivations, aspirations, culture or
The interview -
Just a little taste
Methodologies are a feature of a particular philosophical viewpoint.
Two important points about qualitative research
often begins with a small sample size
follows a rigoroursly applied but loosely defined pathway
no hypothesis to be tested, only a problem or research question to explore
allows the study to evolve naturally
analyse their data as they are collecting
look to hand over control of study to their participants
the relationship between the researcher and participant is a natural one that develops with the study.
Qualitative Research
Qualitative Researchers
Methodologies provide a particular
lens through which we may approach
the questions posed by our desire to understand the nature of reality.
Qualitative Research is as time-consuming,
intellectually engaging, and challenging to
researchers as the most complex structural
equation modeling analysis and should provide,
when done well, results that are compelling
(Rubel & Villalba, p. 296).
...given the variety of qualitative traditions, inherent flexibility in design, interpretive nature of analysis, and creativity involved in presentation, qualitative researchers arguably bear a larger responsibility than quantitative researchers in presenting well-reasoned, thoughtful, and clear rationales for their research choices and detailed descriptions of their research contexts and processes (Rubel & Villalba, p. 296-297).
Qualitative research methods
are valuable in providing rich
descriptions of complex
phenomena;tracking unique or
unexpected events,
illuminating the experience and
interpretation of events by
actors with widely differing
stakes and roles; giving voice
to those whose views are rarely
heard; conducting initial
explorations to develop
theories; and to generate and
test hypotheses; and moving
toward explanations
"Images contribute to how we see
ourselves, how we define and relate
to the world, and what we perceive as
significant or different. The lesson
an image teaches does not reside in its
physical structure, but rather in how
people interpret the image in question"
Carolyn C. Wang, Photovoice Creator/Researcher
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