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Know the techniques used by coaches to improve the performance of athletes

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Alanna Birch

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Know the techniques used by coaches to improve the performance of athletes

Know the techniques used by coaches
to improve the performance of athletes Observation Analysis Coaches have to be effective observers to enable
them to identify strengths and weaknesses during performances. A popular technique that is used by sports coaches
is to assess the performance and the application of skills,
techniques and tactics required in a specific sport is observation analysis. Observation analysis is a major part of a coaches role, since coaching plans should be informed by analysis. Observation analysis should be used to identify an athletes
needs, with the coach completing a full analysis of their overall performanc and then developing a training programme around it,this can then improve the weaknesses observed. There are two basic ways of formulating judgements through observation analysis and they are: Subjective Objective Subjective analysis is based on observational judgements, personal interceptions and opinions. Objective analysis
involves the measurement and comparison of performance data. The most common method of observstion that is used is
notational analysis. This requires the coach to record the number of skills that are completed effectively in a competitive situation.
Once the objective analysis is completed the coach is then able to make subjective observations on the outcome of the athletes overall perfomance. When carrying out obeservation analysis, a coach must be careful not to be biased. The coach would have built up a relationship with
the athletes that they work with,but must view their performance being unbiased. Advantages of
Analysis •data gathered can be highly reliable.

•the analyst is able to see what is being done.

•observation is less expensive compared to other technique.

•allows the systems analyst to do work measurement. Disadvantages of
Analysis •people feel uncomfortable being watched, they may perform differently when being observed.

•the work being observed may not involved the level of difficulty or volume normally experienced during that time period.

•some activities may take place at odd times, it might be inconvenience for the system analyst.

•the task being observed are subjected to types of interruptions.

•some task may not be in the manner in which they are observed.

•Sometimes people act temporarily and perform their job correctly when they are being observed. Established in the UK in 1998, Prozone have been pioneering the use of performance analysis in football for over a decade and in that time they have worked with some of the leading coaches in the world of sport. Prozone is the world’s only independently validated performance analysis system. This unrivalled level of objectivity and precision is why so many leading coaches choose to work with Prozone. Some of the coaches that use Prozone are Sam Allerdyce, Steve McClaren and Arsene Wenger. What the coaches had to say about Prozone! "I have used Prozone at Derby County, Manchester United, Middlesbrough and England. In that time Prozone has developed into the most comprehensive coaching tool available today. It's simply the best!" Steve McClaren, Head Coach FC Twente

"The benefits given to my coaching team both in terms of physical performance, work rate, tactical and game specific skills are unsurpassed. The Prozone system provides a dynamic and unique insight into the team’s performance. Prozone have continually provided Arsenal with a product and service of great reliability, consistency and expertise." Arsène Wenger, Manager Arsenal FC. Effective Demonstration Demonstrations are important and should be used by coaches to support and develop athletes of all abilities. One of the first things a coach should consider is whether to make a video or use still images to support the athletes development. An example could be, when working with children or beginners, the coach will demonstrate the skill they would like the group to achieve during the training session. At this stage the athletes knowledge of the skill is limited and therefor if the coach has got any bad habits these can be changed at a later stage in their development. However, when coaching elite athletes a coach might choose to use still images or video demonstrations becasue their own demonstrations at this level might display an inaccurate model. A video can be slowed down and replayed, with the coach highlighting the key factors for the athlete to address in their own application of the skill. When demonstrating a skill to athletes a coach should: * determine the purpose and type of demonstration to be used * ensure that the image that the demonstration paints in
the athletes' minds is correct and appropriate * ensure that all the athletes can see the demonstration * only demonstrate one or two coaching points at a time * repeat the demonstration more than once * invite questions from the athletes at the end of the
demonstrations * let the athletes practise the skill * observe the application of the skill and work individually with athletes if possible. Advantages of
Effective Demonstrations Video
* Can show the perfect example
* Easier to repeat
*Can be played in slow motion and can be freeze framed
* Modern way of showing demonstrations
* Coach is in control
* Coach can emphasise specific points
* Accuracy in showing the skill
* Generate enthusiasm
* Motivational
* Percieved as achievable
* Coach can pick specific points
* Coach can still control the group Disadvantages of
Demonstrations Video
* Faulty Equipment
* Slow set up time
* Only viewed from one angle
* Coaches may not demonstrate correctly
* Coach not in control of the group
* Can not easily pick out specific areas to observe
* Athlete might not be experienced enough
* Athlete might be able to repeat
* Athlete might not show the same level of enthusiasm
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