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From Mission Rhetoric to Mission Reality

Keynote presentation for Charles County Nonprofit Institute 2013 Conference

Justin Pollock

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of From Mission Rhetoric to Mission Reality

MISSION - MISSION - MISSION Peter Brinkerhoff First Rule of Nonprofit Management Mission - Mission - Mission Mission Map Programs Leadership Operations Finance Theory of Change Community - Need(s) Efficiency Effectiveness Sustainable *Modified from Bell, et.al. – Nonprofit Sustainability
** Orgforward Sustainability Model Programmatic Sustainability
The ability to develop, mature, and eliminate programs to ensure efficacy, mission alignment, and furtherance of mission fulfillment*
Financial Sustainability
The ability of the organization’s business model to generate and allocate resources to meet current mission fulfillment needs while establishing a foundation for the future*
Operations Sustainability
The ability to enact policies and procedures that mitigate risk, ensure efficient operations, and support succession**
Leadership Sustainability
The ability to identify, recruit, and cultivate the leadership necessary to develop strategy, set vision, and make decisions that lead to mission accomplishment** Organizational Sustainability From Mission Rhetoric
to Mission Reality Understanding your business, its sustainability, and your future. Business Model Rhetoric Reality Indicators of Change Mission Fulfillment Profitability Community
Evidence } Mission Fulfillment Business Model What are you passionate about The Hedgehog What drives your economic engine What are you best at Root to Canopy, Inc

Mission: Root to Canopy assists communities with historic canopy deficiency disorder (hcdd) in developing the skills and support needed to build independent and sustainable canopy rich communities.

Profile: Root to Canopy is a $1 million agency with income derived from 75% earned income, primarily through fees for service and county contracts, and 25% philanthropic support, two thirds of which is from foundation grants. Our primary expenditures are the staffing (65%) and consulting (25%) required to fulfill our mission through our five major program areas – Thrive, Prosper, Do Well, Fanfare, and Flourish – of which Flourish is the largest program at roughly 50% of expenditures. Root to Canopy is highly dependent on the skills of both our paid staff and volunteer arborists as well as the public interest in establishing and maintaining a “green” overhead canopy, especially as climate change effects our region, and we recognize the ongoing need to invest in our staff and public education in order to maintain relevance and sustainability.
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