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Henry Lee Lucas

No description

sydney stephenson

on 12 May 2011

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Transcript of Henry Lee Lucas

Blacksburg, Virginia, USA August 23, 1936 Henry Lee Lucas
“Killing someone is just like walking outdoors. If I wanted a victim, I’d just go and get one.”
March 12, 2001 Crime #1 March 1951 -15 years old at the time - Picked up a 17 year old girl - Asked her for sex - Rejected Henry - Strangled her - Buried her body in the woods Crime #2 Three years later... -Sent to prison for 6 years -covicted of burglary -Spetember 2, 1959 released from prison -Moved in with his sister who lived in Tecumseh, Michigan Crime #3 January 11, 1960 -mother became ill and forced Henry to come back home to be his care giver -mother was drunk and struck Henry with a broom -arrested for his mothers murder -sentenced 20-40 years in prison -confessed to sexually assaulting his mothers corpes THE DEADLY DRIFTER School bullying "Uncle Burnie" Mothers wrath Fathers suicide No medical attention Murder of childhood pets Sexual abuse CHILDHOOD Thrill Seeker Power and Control -media attention -said he has killed more then he has -control over a person -able to teach people a lesson the partnership Henry Lee Lucas Ottis Toole met in 1976, at a soup factory in florida
Henry was 40 years old at the time and Ottis was 29
lovers, and crime companions
moved together into Tooles mother and sister in Jacksonville.
Lucas fell in love with Becky, Tooles cousin
Lucas was 40 and Becky was 10
Becky was put in a juvinile home with brother Frank after parents had past away
Lucas released the two of them
Were taken"on the road" with Henry and Toole
Becky became Henry's common law wife
Travelled and watched all the crimes committed
August 23rd, 1982 a fight began
Stabbed her
Raped, and dismembered her body
Captured: June 11, 1983, arrested for posession of a handgun, he then confessed to his killings
Convicted of 10 murders
Confessed to more then 500
No evidence is prensent to say if he is telling the truth or lying about the number
Sentenced to death
Henry then stated that he made up the killings and that the only person he has ever killed was him mother
Lied to improve his "status"
George W. Bush made the final decision to sentence Lucas to life in prison
NATURAL CAUSES sentenced 20-40 years in prison for killing his mother of March 1960
transferred to a state hospital for the criminaly insane
paroled on June 3rd, 1970
Fell into same patterns
Molested 2 children, kidnapping
killing hitch-hikers
Met Ottis Toole along is killing frenzy
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