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Joe Mrquez's Prezume

This is my Prezume for the Prezi Educational Society

Joe Marquez

on 10 February 2015

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Transcript of Joe Mrquez's Prezume

A Prezume by
Joe Marquez, M.S. EdTech

One of the most innovative ideas I have had is the idea of co-teaching by digital means.

By using Google Live hangouts I am now coaching teachers to co-teach in different classrooms digitally. All students work on the same assignment collaboratively through Prezi or Google Drive while one teacher lead teaches and the other monitors progress and understanding of the lesson. The lesson which is being broadcast live on the teachers YouTube channel can be viewed by parents at home or by students who are away from school due to illness. The live lesson is then saved and archived on the teachers YouTube channel for easy review for any student who needs extra help to understand the material.

The next step would be to get teachers from other school sites to co-teach, then other districts, across the state, across the US, and across the world.

Soon a teachers star student will be from a different state.

One of the biggest impacts of this co-teaching project are that the students have become more engaged and motivated during the lesson and the teachers feed off of each other becoming more enthusiastic about what they are teaching.

Please view a live co-teaching lesson in action in the video below
As an EdTech Instructor I want to look forward to the days of no flash drives or hard drives only cloud drives.

I encourage teachers and students to get rid of all those piles of papers where they begin to lose track. Instead they can turn their cloud drive into a digital backpack.

With Google Docs and Prezi I show teachers they have collaboration at their fingertips with new and exciting ways to get students more involved.

My goal is to create a Paperless Classroom.
Click the link below to view my teacher help site.
Google Drive & Prezi in the Classroom
Become a Producer of your own content.
YouTube can make a Teacher a Star
I teach teachers new ways to innovate and inspire, instead of them dreading technology and wishing it was their year to retire.
Conferences to spread knowledge
The Tweet Method
Open the door to all Stuents
I have been traveling across California promoting the educational use of Twitter in the classroom.

Twitter in the classroom has truly changed the dynamics of my class and it has given a voice to the voiceless.
Cell Phones in Class
Everyone is Invited
As a Teacher I love to create new and exciting content based media for my students. I feel being the creator of media helps to motivate and engage my students.
As a Educational Trainer I encourage teachers to be the creator of content, rather than search for it online and be content with what ever is out there. Prezi and YouTube are great ways to be a creator of content.
Teachers Who create content for their students create learning opportunities and become relevant.
The only way to change the world
is to share with the world and take action. When teachers work together extraordinary things can happen!
As part of the Prezi Educators Society I will become
An Agent of Change!!!
With your help and other Prezi Educator Members we can innovate and extrapolate learning in the classroom with the help of technology and the Prezi Presentation Platform.
Give your students a voice
A Teacher needs to be willing to break the rules for the benefit of their students.

Most schools ban cell phones in the classroom, I embrace them.

Why should we take away the one tool from our students which they love and know how to use.
Twitter @MarquezScience
As I have said before, we need more teachers willing to break the rules and take risks!

New devices such as Google Glass allow teachers to receive instant feedback from students
from students on social media like Twitter in class.
Collaboration so easy even a teacher can do it :)
Joe strives to show all
teachers that they can
innovate as well as
Try new things
Glass in Class: A fresh look at instant feedback
Small ideas can make
a huge impact on
educational change.
I strive for advancement in the classroom
Click below to read my Fresno Bee Article
and watch the "Eye on Education" video
Joe creates custom
videos for his students
to motivate and engage
even the most uninterested
Click below to read my thesis on incorporating self made media into a classroom setting:
Making videos is fun and it can make you feel like a movie star! Please view some of my videos below.
Joe is doing amazing things in his classroom with his students. If you give me a few minutes of your time I will walk you through a few of his most exciting accomplishments and achievements.
Google On-Air Hangouts and Digital Co-Teaching
How does two teachers for the price
of one sound? Joe has created and
started piloting a program to allow
teachers to co-teach through the
means of digital screen sharing. By
using Google Live Hangouts Joe has
created an opportunity for one teacher
to take the lead while the other can
monitor and check for student

Cellphones are $500+ devices which can be used in 500+ ways in the classroom, such as PollEverywhere, Google Apps, or Prezi on the iPhone.

The classroom should emphasize all students have a voice instead of being shy and bitter, even if it takes a conversation or asking a question using twitter.
Rally Video Extraordinaire
I love to give kids a grand experience at Alta Sierra Intermediate School. Because of this I donate my time to create memorable videos which can be shown at our rallys to show off to our students a different side of their teachers.

I love working with teachers to bring them out of their shell and let out their comedic side for the benefit of the students on campus.

Please watch a few of our rally videos below.
As I talk to my class, my students are allowed to tweet me at #MarquezScience, any comments or questions they may have about the topic we are covering. This allows students who are shy or embarrassed to get their questions answered immediately.
The students who most benefit from this method are my English Language Learners. Many of them are embarrassed about their accents or proper use of the English language. So allowing them to tweet gives them the opportunity to have their voices heard when they would otherwise just remain quiet.
During labs, as part of their procedure, students take pictures of their progress and tweet it out. This allows me to monitor their progress while at the same time creating a timeline of the assignment for future use.
I receive the tweets by way of Google
Glass. To see how I use Google Glass
in Class follow me to our next location
Another great
innovation Joe
is using in the
classroom is
Please see the news story below on my innovative use of the cellphone in Class.
Cell Phones in
Class!?! Joe says
Joe is the
go to guy on
campus when
it comes to making
A bit about Joe
I am Joe Marquez a teacher of science and an instructional technology trainer at Alta Sierra Intermediate school in Clovis, CA. My goal is to Inspire teachers to become the best they can be by the use of technology.

As a technology leader, I encourage my colleagues to integrate more multimedia standards into their direct instruction, which incorporates not only common core standards but also integrates situations and ideas which will draw students into learning. The implementation of technology is a critical step for the 21st century classroom to increase student learning during instruction in the wake of this new digital age.
I speak at conferences and EdCamps all across the United States. Ever since my first speaking engagement, Prezi has been a tool i love to show my attendees, and Prezi is the preferred platform for which I give my presentations.
Joe has a passion
to share his knowledge
with other educators
across the country
Awards and Certificates
All of Joe's innovative ideas have
not gone unnoticed. He has been
awarded both within his district, in
the state, and selected into other
national programs.
Masters in Educational Technology and media creation Full Sail University
2011 Course Directors Award Full Sail University Masters Program.
2012 Alta Sierra Intermediate Educator of Merit
2014 CVCUE Educator of the Year
2014 Selected as a Google Certified Teacher
2015 Authorized Google Educational Trainer
2015 Clovis Unified School District Crystal Award Winner
2015 CUE Educator of the year nominee
WOW! I am impressed.
As the Prezi-Educator I
would be extremely happy
to have Joe in our Prezi
Educators Society!! I hope
you feel the same way.
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