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"Britain": Chapter 1 Country and People

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Carla Sepúlveda

on 24 August 2010

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Transcript of "Britain": Chapter 1 Country and People

Britain: Country and People What is Britain exactly? Who are the British? Geographically Speaking There are two large islands. Collectively they are known as
The British Isles Great Britain Ireland Politically Speaking There are two states The Republic of Ireland The United Kingdom of great
Britain and northern Ireland
(The uk) The four nations England Scotland Wales Ireland But England has economic and
military power over the other three
nations. National loyalties "England is not the UK" - Migration (From Scotland, wales and ireland)

-National loyalties with uk and its own descendants. - iT'S SAFE to USE "bRITISH" TO refer to THE PEOPLE WHO LIVE
IN BRITAIN and not "english" (england's people).
BECAUSE sCOTLAND IS IN UK. The Union Jack is the national
flag of the UK. it is a combination
of the cross of St. George, the cross
of St. Andrew and the cross of St. Patrick. Other symbols of
national identity The kilt, a skirt with a
tartan pattern worn by
men. Clothes: Musical Instruments: The harp is a emblem of Wales and Ireland.

The Bagpipes is a emblem of Scotland Britania is the name that romans
gave to their southern British province.
It is also the name given to the female
embodiment of Britain. (A woman wearing
a helmet and holding a trident) The figure of
Britannia has been on the reverse side of
many British coins for more than 300 years.
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