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Bermuda Triangle

No description

Dhairya Dalal

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle What is the Bermuda Triangle -The Bermuda Triangle is an undefined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of aircrafts and ships have disappeared under mysterious circumstances

-The 3 vertices of the Bermuda Triangle are Miami, Florida; San Juan, Puerto Rico and the 53 square kilometer island, Bermuda.

-Due to these unexplained cases, Bermuda Triangle is not recognized by the US Board of Geographic Names and does not exist according to the US Navy. How Bermuda Triangle got its name It was first named as the Miami Triangle. But, Miami objected, because they thought they would lose tourists. Then they named it the Puerto Rico triangle, but Puerto Rico raised objections as well. Then they named it after the triangle's 3rd vertex, a tiny island known as Bermuda. Everybody else liked the name Bermuda Triangle. It even went with the concept of Bermuda meaning the "Isle of the Devils". US NAVY The US Navy is a naval warfare service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the seven uniformed services of the United States. It is the largest navy in the world, with a battle fleet tonnage that is greater than the 13 largest navies combined. US Board of Geographic Names The United States Board on Geographic Names is a United States federal body whose purpose is to establish and maintain uniform usage of geographic names throughout the government of the United States. The Board's purpose is to standardize US and foreign geographic names, including the names of geographical features underseas and in Antarctica. Riddle of Vanishing Ships - In the past 50 years, more than 2000 ships have disappeared without a trace. Some of them are famous for their explorations, sailing to other destinations or shipping raw material to other countries.

- Some ships have also been found. But, there is no soul on board and their cargo, remains untouched. When people find these ships drifting near a harbor and they see there is no one aboard, they get terrified and jump into the water or sail back to land.

- Some tragedies involved, ships found abandoned at sea. Half of the crew goes on the abandoned vessel to guide it back to land. But, when an unexpected storm hits and the 2 vessels are separated, the abandoned ship is found but the crew is gone. USS Cyclops - The USS Cyclops was a Navy ship which disappeared on March 4, 1918

- Shipping metallic ore with her 2 sisters; Proteus and Nereus

- Last message was "All well"

-It was seen 2 times by a British Patrol boat

- Likely cause of disappearance was that there was too much load enabling the ships to sink. But, the actual cause is undefined Mary Celeste -Mary Celeste was British-American merchant ship, found sailing with no soul on board

-Found on December 4, 1872 near the coast of Haiti
-When found, 1 lifeboat and all 7 crew members were missing

-It had many misadventures:

-First captain died because of unknown disease.
-suffered big damage after hitting a fish dam.
-a fire broke out killing the second captain.
-colliding on her first Atlantic crossing, she sunk 2 ships
-3 captains died Connemara IV

-Connemara IV was a yacht found adrift in the Atlantic South of Bermuda

-It was abandoned on September 26, 1955 and the crew had vanished

-The yacht survived being at sea with 3 massive hurricanes Ellen Austin - In 1881 on 1 of her trips, she found an abandoned ship

- the crew thought to take the ship back to New York, half the crew went on the abandoned ship to steer it back

- a sudden storm separated the 2 ships, after sometime, Ellen Austin found the same ship but the crew disappeared USS Scorpion - February 1, 1967 the Scorpion entered the Norfolk Naval Shipyard at her home port for an extended overhaul

- In late October, 1967 she commenced refresher training and weapons system acceptance tests and deployed in Mediterranean Sea

-May 16, 1968 she headed back to her home port

-May 21, 1968 she indicated her position to be about 50 miles south of the Azores. Six days later, she was reported overdue at Norfolk

-June 5, 1968 USS Scorpion and crew declared "lost"

-wreckage found on the end of October 400 miles SW of Azores Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker - aerial refueling military aircraft

-August 28, 1963 a pair of US Air Force KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft collided and crashed into the Atlantic

-But, 2 different crash sites found, separated by 260 km of water

-A report stated that the debris found near the second "crash site" was examined by a search and rescue ship, found a huge mass of seaweed and driftwood tangled in an old buoy Strange Facts -Most disappearances occur in daylight

-Christopher Columbus noted sea rose without wind, compass malfunction (compass faced 11 degrees off), saw huge branch of fire fall from the sky into the sea

-3 reports of ghost ships

-disappearances involve giant squid

-2 boys from a university in St. Augustine found a 200 feet long carcass of a squid in 1896

-area around Bermuda Triangle and Florida belonged to pirates because the area is directly through the trade route from South America to Europe SS Poet - 522 foot cargo ship

-it was carrying grain

-last known to be within a few hundred miles of Cape Henlopen, Delaware

- Mysteriously disappeared in 1980 Polymer III

-April, 1980

- A 43 foot yacht that disappeared with 2 passengers on board Riddle of Vanishing Planes -Planes disappear in the sky leaving no trace: no flare, no debris

-Their compasses malfunction and cannot see with the fog

- They cannot be seen on radar and soon disappear

- their radio transmission is clear but after sometime, they cannot signal the base Flight 19 - training flight of 5 TBM avenger torpedo bombers

-Disappeared on December 5, 1945

-All 2 compasses where malfunctioning

-Could not signal base or each other

-Flying east to the Bahama Island chain PBM Martin Mariner -Same night when Flight 19 disappeared

-sent out to find Flight 19

- both are for training purposes (training-32 and training-49)

- training-49 went North Bound along east coast and disappeared but training-32 was still searching

-freighter ship saw a huge ball of fire drop into the ocean and saw an explosion, but no debris Douglas DC-3 -disappeared on December 28, 1948

-no trace of aircraft or 32 passengers on board Flight 441 -Huge carrier that belonged to the navy and was the greatest of its time

-October 30, 1959 taking 42 passengers from Patuxent River Naval Air Station to Lages in Azores

-regular communication received from the Aircraft and suddenly, it was lost

-last transmission received around 11:30 pm Douglas C-54 -Military version of Douglas DC-4

-July 3, 1947 carrying 85 passengers into a thunderstorm

-reports show that thunderstorm was not scheduled

-the plane went off course and the crew was not aware of this

-after that, it disappeared Cessna 402c - passed over its destination liked the pilot never saw it

-the last report was that no trouble with weather, large island was visible

-no trace of pilot nor plane was found, no distress call Cessna 401 - disappeared near Freeport, Great Bahama

-no bright orange lifejackets or ELT signals were found Cessna 152 -December 2, 1987 Victor Ambereno disappeared along with Cessna 152 on an instructional flight

-disappearance of aircraft was near Florida and Bahamas Cessna 172 -disappeared between Miami and Marco Island, near Florida Bay

-last heard by routine chatter by other planes

-the weather was clear, no complication Star Tiger -G-AHNP Star Tiger disappeared on January 30, 1948 on a flight from the Azores to Bermuda

-the crew or passengers were not found Those who Lived to Tell Bruce Gernon - He was a pilot of a plane

-he and a passenger saw a star detach from the other stars and came toward them

-bluish-white, very fast, vibrated and then vanished Frank Flynn -serving the US Coast Guard

-one night around 1:30 am Frank Flynn observed on the radarscope a solid line approximately 28 miles away

-from far, looked like a land mass

-they moved closer approximately 4 knots from the unknown object, suddenly, visibility got zero, the engines were failing, the steam pressure was dropping continuously and they immediately decided to go back to shore

-it looked like a solid vapour mass, no explanation so far Christopher Columbus

-he noticed that at night, the compass turned northwest and in the morning, it turned northeast

- compasses changed 11 and a quarter degrees off

-sea rose without winds Paul Vance -saw a bright light in the sky and thought it as being a helicopter with a search light

-a swirling mist circled the light which turned down into the mist

- the mass of mist then glowed for a short time and disappeared along with the light US Naval submarine Natural explanations and Supernatural Explanations Methane Hydrates - Experiment show that the methane bubbles sink a model ship by decreasing the density of water

-Methane eruption in the sea may produce regions of water bubbles that are no longer capable to provide buoyancy for ships(the ability to float in water) Rogue Waves - Various oceans contain rogue waves that cause ships to sink

-These waves thought as myths and mysteries till 1995 Gulf Stream - The gulf stream is located in the Bermuda Triangle can move anything to far places

- It is underwater, so no one can see it

- It can cause rapids and changes in weather Violent weather - Hurricanes cost 1000s of lives and billions of dollars

- This is one of the main explanation to disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle Lightning -very, very quick disappearances occur when lightning strikes and dematerializes ship and planes UFOs -UFOs take ships or planes and do experiments on them

-many people believe in this a lot Vortices - Vortices suck ship and planes into other dimension Additional Facts -most disappearances occur near the border of Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico

-an average of 60 disappearances occurred per year

-list of disappearances can vary, some disappearances are added to the list, some are removed

-those removed are never established as missing

-giant squid known as "Architeuthis", a rare species that seizes a bait with extreme force To this day, no one know how and why these disappearances occur and what is the mystery of Bermuda Triangle -planes and ships are made up of steel and fiber glass, they are sturdy, big and do not rot

-1969, 5 yachts found abandoned northeast of the Sargasso Sea

-many yachts found derelict east of the Bermuda Triangle and South West of Azores

-reasonable explanation is that the passenger on the ships fell overboard

- some disappearances never happen. A plane crash happened in 1937 in front of hundreds of people, and local papers wrote nothing
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