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Tricks of the Trade: Advertising Strategies


Anita Ly

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of Tricks of the Trade: Advertising Strategies

Tricks of the Trade: Advertising Strategies Star Power Pepsi Aimed at
young adults Pepsi Co.
To make more money With Pepsi, you can get mp3s, HDTVs, and much more! Besides signing up, what else do you need to do to get all that cool stuff? Attention Factor: Justin Timberlake Put Downs Diapers For parents with babies Kimberly-Clark Corporation:
To make more profit Huggies has better fitting diapers than other brands By comparing 2 products and specifying which is better, it gets customers to buy the better one Cartoon Characters For kids who like Spongebob Squarepants Johnson & Johnson:
To generate sales Kids favourite cartooon characters, Spongebob and Patrick, to the rescue! Instead of a boring, brown band-aid, kids can have their favourite cartoon on it and look cool! Family Fun Nintendo Wii Aimed at families Nintendo Ltd.
To generate more sales Fun for the whole family! Families will want this product because they want to have as much fun as the family in the commercial Mcdonald's Buttermilk Biscuit Everyone Mcdonald's Corporation:
To increase in revenue Get a free Buttermilk biscuit on Feb. 9 & 10 The product looks bigger than it really is while highlighting the juicy and tender meat and cheese Sounds Good! Foot-Long Sandwiches Everyone Doctor's Associates, Inc:
To attract more customers A foot-long sandwich for only $5 Catchy, memorable tune that's hard to forget Scale Sweetened Condensed Milk Amateur bakers J.M. Smucker Company:
To make more money Baking is easy with this product Shows transformation of raw product to final product... Makes the process look simple and easy to do yourself Facts and Figures Sunblock Lotion Athletes Johnson & Johnson:
To attract more customers Contains helioplex: superior sun protection Many facts....
gets people to trust the product R U Cool Enough? Mac Computers Computer users Apple Inc.
To get more mac users Macs are cool and professional If you get a mac, you are cool like Justin Long, unlike PCs Omission Heineken Beer Adults Heineken International:
To generate more sales Recognize this brand?? Get Heineken Omits...
Beer is bad for your health because they don't want consumers to think negatively about their product Brand recognization and omitting bad qualities Weasel Words Tanning Lotion Young Women Johnson & Johnson: To make more money #1 Dermatologist Recommended Suncare How many dermatologists and which ones? The product is "supposedly recommended" by professionals Bandwagon iPod Nano Teenagers & Young Adults Apple Inc.
To sell more products The iPod Nano shoots videos Everyone is having fun with this iPod, so you should too! Excitement! Boardshorts Young Men Fox Head Inc.
To attract customers Buy these shorts and you'll have the best time of your life surfing What if you don't know how to surf? Promises excitement if you buy this product Bandages Sunblock and Moisturizer Adults and Parents Johnson & Johnson:
To make more sales Can enhance skin tone and protect from UVA/UVB rays Repeats the ad so you will remember the products Repetition Ideal Families Automatic Insecticides Families with bug problems at home A smarter way of protecting you family from insects S.C. Johnson & Son Inc.
To earn more money Shows that with this product, your family can be just like the one in the advertisement Heart Strings Subaru Cars Parents with kids Fugi Heavy Industries:
To attract customers Every parent worries about letting their kids drive for the first time Parents can relate to this ad and trust Subaru as a dependable brand The End By: Anita Ly
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