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my spring break!


Joshua Craven

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of my spring break!

my amazing spring break! monday:
today my mom had
a big suprise for me
we we're going to new
york! we were going to have
a blast ! we were going to
see everything like.... the empire state
building! the statue of liberty! and times square! so me, my mom
and grandma all
got up at 3:00am
and headed to the
airport! when we got to
the airport we
boarded a american
airlines super 80 and left
for new york! we arrived at
la guardia airport
at about 7 am and
headed to the grand
hyatt hotel on the hudson
river. la guardia international airport
Yes! we were finally in
new york city! except
there was only one problem
it was pouring down with rain! but that rain
didnt stop us from
having fun so we headed to
broadway and went into macy's and
shopped there for over 2 hours it was
so fun. macy's in new york By the time
we got to the hotel
it was 8pm and we were
soaking wet and starving. Since
the hotel we were staying at had
a restaraunt we went there and the
food was amazing but the best part was
the view of manhattan and broadway. super 80 when we finally
got into our suite
it was 9pm and I
was so tired I fell straight
to sleep with very happy
dreams to dream about. tuesday: today was
a sad day,we had to leave
but we would come back soon. But
before we left
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