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No description

Jack Mayer

on 30 September 2013

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It is Andy's birthday party with his friends and family before they move houses. Woody and the other toys go on a Reconnaissance Mission to see what new toys Andy got as presents for his birthday.
Andy gets a toy named Buzz and Woody doesn't like him. Andy gets ready for pizza with the family at Pizza Planet but his mom says he can only bring one toy. Woody gets jelous of Buzz and trys to trap him behind Andy's desk but knocks him out of a window amd the other toys accuse Woody of murdering Buzz. Andy picks Woody cuz he cant find Buzz but Buzz gets to the car and confronts Woody when Andy's parents stop for gas.
Rising Action
Woody and Buzz fall out of the car at the gas station while fighting and get left behind. They are arguing about who's fault it is that they got left behind. While they are fighting, they see a delivery truck for Pizza Planet and hitch a ride without the driver knowing.
The two toys get stuck in a claw machine and taken home by Andy's neighbor Sid. Sid has a reputation for hurting toys. Woody and Buzz try to escape but while Buzz tries to escape he goes to fly, he crashes, and his arm falls off. Woody tries to get Andy's other toys attention but they wont look cuz they think Woody killed Buzz.
Falling Action
The two toys escape but miss Andy's car. Down the road, they climb onto the moving truck containing Andy’s other toys, but Scud chases them, bites down on Woody's leg and tries to pull him off. Buzz tackles the dog to save Woody. Woody attempts to rescue Buzz with Andy's RC car but the other toys, who think Woody had now got rid of RC together with Buzz, attack Woody and toss him off onto the road.
On Christmas Day at their new house, Buzz and Woody stage another reconnaissance mission to prepare for the new toy arrivals, one of which is a Mrs. Potato Head, much to the delight of Mr. Potato Head. As Woody jokingly asks what might be worse than Buzz, the two share a worried smile as they discover Andy's new gift is a puppy.
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