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World after Rome

No description

Cee-cee Bowles

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of World after Rome

BYZANTINE EMPIRE CONSTINTINE JUSTINIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH BLACK SEA TRADE ISLAM MUHAMMAD PRAYERS SUNNI/ SHIITE WESTERN EUROPE CHARLES MARTEL RELIGION FEUDALISM CRUSADES TRADE Justinian's code Hagia Sophia Patriarch Sex Greek Alphabet Russia Constantinople Roman culture Trade Mecca Madina Quran Five Pillers Jeruselum Asia Bagdad Africa Fertal Cresent Iran Arabic Muslims Defeat Dome of the Rock Alphabet and Numbers Algebrea Medicine
Geography Muslims Defeat Charlemagne Roman Empire Pope
Latin Celibacy Priest Fief Knights Surfs Loyalty Vickings Magyars Angles and Saxons Death Pope Urban 2 Jeruselum States End of Constantinople BYZANTINE EMPIRE Islam was founded by... Islams religious book is... Islam's code of conduct is called... Islam has given the modern world... ...believe that ruler should be elected by the people ...believe that the ruler should be a relative of Muhammad. ...Is a holy mosque. Is found in Mecca. ... were taken when islamics decided to spread their religion. ... are the holy cities. ... was caused by the spread of Islam ... is the language that they speak. ...is the head of the Church. ...is effected the most by The Byzantine Empire. ... tried to retake the rest of the Roman Empire. ... is the church that was built during the reconquering of Rome. ...is the code of laws made by Justinian. ... is where the roman culture was moved when roam fell. ... moved the capital of Rome. ... is the name of the religion. ... is the head of the church. ...influenced surrounding areas. Priests of the Eastern Orthodox Church could have... ... is the language of the E.O.C. Spread the greek... Thrived because of extensive... Trade caused the black... caused a lot of death in charge of the church The main language in the church was... the prist was required to ... The Crusades was the... started during this time World after Rome
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