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Alfred Hitchcock

No description

Amy Morin

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock
By: Amy Morin

Early Years

Home Life
Was treated harshly

Was wrongly accused

Later reflected in his works
Memorable Scenes
how he liked to capture the suspense
Born in London in August of 1899
Raised by strict, Catholic parents
English film director and producer

"The Master of Suspense"
Studied engineering at St. Ignatius College
Described his childhood as lonely and sheltered
While working at a cable company as a draftsman, he began to write
1920- full time position designing title cards for silent fims
1925- directed his first film
planned every shot for his motion pictures beforehand
often included shots of famous monuments and landmarks
Famous motion pictures
directed more then 50 feature films

Received the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award in 1979
1980- died peacefully in his sleep in California
known for his psychological thrillers
The Eyes
wanted to mimic the character's gaze and did close ups of the character's eyes

his best known film

budget of $800,000

contained taboo subjects at the time- mentally unstable mother-son relationships, psychosis, schizophrenia

liked to zoom in on a specific object
1939- left England for Hollywood

1940- his film Rebecca won an Academy Award for best picture

tends to make cameo appearances in his own films
goal: evoke emotion out of the audience
“People don’t always express their inner thoughts to one another," said Hitchcock, "a conversation may be quite trivial, but often the eyes will reveal what a person thinks or needs.”
criminals- wealthy upper class who you want to suspect

policeman- the fools

innocent- accused

villians- get away with a lot since no one suspects them

Plots Twists
liked to surprise the audience

accusing the wrong man of something

portraying the fear of authority
*real life fear of police

Shower Scene
took 7 days to shoot the scene

over 70 individual shots

suddenness of attack

considered one of the best edited scenes

Shadow of a Doubt

a teenager finds out that his Uncle is coming for a visit

comes to learn a secret about who her Uncle really is
The Birds
- a wealthy socialite pursues a potential boyfriend
- birds begin to attack people in increasing numbers and increasing viciousness
One of Hitchcock's most noted action scenes
The Birds
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